Hypersonic Aircraft at Mach 6.5 powered by DRDO

HSTDV is an unmanned aircraft scramjet demonstration aircraft for achieving hypersonic flight which will fly at Mach 6.5 or more. Defence Research and Development Organisation ( DRDO ) of India is running this mission and project.

‘Gutter Oil’ will transform into Aviation Biofuel

Boeing and Commercial Aircraft Corp. of China (COMAC) has launched a facility at China that will turn waste cooking oil, (gutter oil) into aviation biofuel. This will be a great advancement towards finding the alternate to ATF.

Airbus launches new VIP Cabin

Airbus has launched a new VIP cabin for A330 aircraft . It offers faster & affordable way to the capacity, luxury, & comfort of a widebody.

Inside Air India One Aircraft

The Official aircraft of Prime Minister or President of India..!! It has got everything on board...Check out the features..!!

MRJ Aircraft of Mitsubishi

The MRJ aircraft of Mitsubishi will be flying by 2018. Its a regional jet which will compete against CRJ and ERJ. There will be two variant of MRJ i.e. MRJ70 and MRJ90.

AeroMobil-The Flying Car is the Most Awaited Invention

AeroMobil is the flying car which could fly using present infrastructure,take fuel from any regular station and you can park at your existing parking slot of car.

Ethiad Airways Strategic Equity Stakes

ETHIAD AIRWAYS :     Ethiad means “Union” is Abu Dhabi based Airline and was founded in 2003 . It is expanding at a very good pace. Ethiad Airways recorded a massive turn over of $ 6.1 Billion. It has […]

Indigo has placed a order for 250 A 320

Indigo : India’s largest domestic airline, IndiGo, has placed the single largest order . This is the biggest ever for narrow body aircraft by signing an agreement with Airbus for 250 A-320neo (new engine option) aircraft. The list price for […]

Tips to Avoid EBOLA Disease

EBOLA SCARE ACROSS THE WORLD. TIPS FOR AVOIDING THE EBOLA :     EBOLA is continuously spreading all over the world. Everyday people are dying because of EBOLA. There is a big panic on International level as  till date there […]

Minimum Three aircraft for NSOP category

NSOP :    NSOP stands for Non Scheduled Operator Permit . The Indian Aviation regulator DGCA-Director General of Civil Aviation has issued a public notice to all NSOP holders. As per DGCA finding most of the existing NSOP holders do […]
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