Join Emirates-Ground Staff Vacancy

Emirates : One of the World’s biggest Airline i.e. Emirates is expanding worldwide and is on massive expansion plan. Emirates is a Dubai based airline which fly to 78 Countries . It’s frequent flyer program is known as Skywards which is very famous across the world. There are many vacancies at Emirates. Join Emirates :

Tips and tricks for reducing Jet Lag

What is Jet Lag ?  If you are travelling from one place and flying towards east or west, with a long haul flight of 7-8 hours than after landing at Destination you will find a time difference of 6-7 hours from your origin location. This time difference will be either less or more than your

Rights of Aircraft Passenger

Rights of Aircraft Passenger : Aviation in India is booming and more & more passengers are flying everyday. Aviation in India is highly regulated sector. There are so many rules and regulations for airlines and airports. The rules of aviation in India is governed by Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA). Everybody should know the

ICAO announed Opportunities for Young Aviation Professionals

ICAO  : The International Civil Aviation Organization has launched a program for young aviation professionals.This program is  in partnership with  International Air Transport Association (IATA), and Airports Council International (ACI).This will be the second program in the same segment. ICAO will select three Young Aviation Professionals who will be offered exciting career opportunities at headquarter

Indigo will get $2.6 Billion from China’s ICBC

India’s low cost carrier Indigo has signed a deal with Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd (ICBC) worth $2.6 billion for financing 30 new aircrafts.Chinese President Xi Jinping has arrived in India and both the countries are expected to do deals with billions of Dollars. Indigo will be using this money for getting more Airbus Aircrafts.Indigo

‘Space Taxi’ will be built by Boeing and SpaceX

Space Taxi : Space taxi will be a space shuttle for carrying astronauts and other passengers from Earth to International Space Station. Space Taxi will be launched in 2017. Space taxi will carry 7 passengers or astronauts to International Space Station.The CST-100 spacecraft of NASA will at first be used to take astronauts to International

Rules for Skydiving in India

Skydiving is considered as one of the most thrilling sports in the World. Skydiving is very common in Air Force and is getting popular with Civil Aviation also.Skydiving is very risky and nobody shall jump if that operation creates a hazard to air traffic or to persons or property on the surface. DGCA has laid down the draft

Vistara Air has started poaching Pilots,Crew

Vistara Air : India’s upcoming Airline i.e. M/S Vistara Air has already started poaching pilots,cabin crews and other ground staff. Vistara Air is waiting for final flying permit from DGCA ( Director General of Civil Aviation ). Flying permit of Vistara Air is expected by the end of this month and airline is expecting to

Research on Fuel Cells by HySA,National Aerospace Centre and Airbus

World’s leading aircraft manufacturer Airbus has joined hands with South Africa’s National Aerospace Centre for jointly funding the Hydrogen South Africa (HySA).This is basically for Research on Fuel Cells for commercial airlines. Its a three years project which was launched at Cape Town .The demand for Air Transportation is multiplying every year.As per research there will

Civil Aviation Summary for July 2014

Civil Aviation The present time in Indian Civil Aviation is extremely important. Next two years in Civil Aviation will change the aspects of aviation in India. Air Connectivity is a key point in developing any Nation. Here is the Monthly Summary for the month of July,2014 1. Important Policy decisions taken and major achievements during the