This Is The Largest Image Ever Taken

This Is The Largest Image Ever Taken:   Hubble’s High-Definition Panoramic View of the Andromeda Galaxy   This sweeping bird’s-eye view of a portion of the Andromeda galaxy (M31) is the sharpest image and largest image ever taken of our galactic next-door neighbor. Image credit: NASA, ESA, J. Dalcanton, B.F. Williams, and L.C. Johnson (University of

Boeing Seats on Sale for Aviation Lovers

Boeing Seats on Sale for Aviation Lovers : Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has decided to start selling seats from a decommissioned 747-400D aircraft recently. All the aviation fans can have their own personal seats of Boeing 747 aircraft. The plane which seats are being sold, was used on domestic routes in Japan, and was

Do you know the Upcoming Routes of Vistara

Upcoming Routes of Vistara : India’s newest carrier,Vistara is expanding wings rapidly. It started flying on 9th Jan 2015. The first flight of Vistara took off from Delhi for Mumbai. It has connected Ahmedabad from Mumbai just after that. Vistara is a full service provider and is in direct competition with Jet Airways and Indian

Aviation will be driving 37% of Dubai economy by 2020

Aviation News :   The Aviation Sector is the backbone of any country for its growth and connectivity.Aviation Sector in Dubai is highly focused by its govt and doing wonders for the country.As per speculation, Dubai will account for more than one third of Dubai’s economy by 2020.  Dubai has been attracting millions of visitors every

One New Aircraft in Every 29 Hours

One New Aircraft in Every 29 Hours : Yes, you read that right..!!China is expected to receive 301 new aircraft every year for 20 years, or an average of one every 29 hours. The economy of China is rapidly increasing and a large number of people are capable of travelling by flight. Around 19 Airlines

3 Reasons Why Pilot’s Salaries are going to Increased

3 Reasons Why Pilot’s Salaries are going to Increased : In aviation Industry, pilots are highly respected and heavily paid.They play the most crucial role in running the airlines operations. They fly big jets which are worth Millions of Dollars.They have the responsibility of Hundreds of life in their hands. The demand and supply of pilots is

Jobs for B-737 Rated Pilots

Jobs for B-737 Rated Pilots : India’s National Carrier, Air India has invited the tender for five B-737-800 NG aircraft with winglets . Air India Express presently has 17 B-737-800 NG aircraft in fleet.The dry lease will be for eight years and extended by four more years. The last date of tender is 23 January 2015.

This Is The Biggest Ever New Year Gift for Aviation

ATF prices slashed-New Year Gift for Aviation : ATF prices has been slashed by steep 12.5 per cent, the sixth straight reduction in prices since August, as international oil prices slumped to five-year low levels. The price of aviation turbine fuel  at Delhi was cut by Rs 7,520.52 per kilolitre, or 12.5 per cent, to Rs 52,422.92 per

Loophole In Air Travel Websites-Smart Trick to get Rock Bottom Prices

Loophole In Air Travel Websites-Smart Trick to get Rock Bottom Prices (Air Travel Hack): “Hidden City” Air Travel Hack : Aktarer Zaman founded, which finds cheap flights by using “hidden city” ticketing, in which travelers ​purposely ​buy tickets with layovers​ for a lower fare, using the layover city a​s their ​intended destination, and never go

First Woman To Become DGCA-M Sathiyavathy

First Woman To Become DGCA : M Sathiyavathy, an Additional Secretary and Financial Advisor to the Civil Aviation Ministry, will be heading Directorate General of Civil Aviation at a time when the regulator’s safety mechanism has been downgraded. 56-year-old Sathiyavathy, who will succeed Prabhat Kumar, will be the first woman to become the chief aviation regulator.