Aviation American Gin- So Smooth that it can fly solo

Aviation American Gin, is also known as Aviation Gin. Aviation American Gin was first manufactured in Portland, Oregon. It was founded by Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian in 2006.It is a brand of distilled spirit  It is classified as an “American dry gin,” meaning the flavor profile is less juniper-forward. It is produced by House Spirits Distillery. Award for American Aviation

He is the new CMD of Air India

CMD of Air India : Shri Rajiv Ranjan, is the new CMD of Air India. He is highly qualified . His Educational background includes graduation in Physics (Hons.), Post Graduation in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (1982-84) and M.Sc., in Policy and Planning from London School of Economics, London (1998-99). Joined the Indian Administrative

Aircraft Crashed

A trainee aircraft of Carver aviation (pilot training institute) has crashed near Indapur, Pune on Tuesday. The trainee pilot was immediately rushed to the hospital in Baramati after the crash. Carver Aviation is 21 years old academy. Academy of Carver Aviation has a fleet of 11 aircraft including Cessna’s (152/ 172), CTLS and P68C, which

9 Items All Air Hostess Carry in their bags

Being a Airhostess is not a easy task. It requires lot of discipline, strict grooming protocol to what passengers get up to when they think no one is watching. Well, It’s time to bust some myths and reveal a few surprising truths about life at 39,000 feet as an air hostess. The life of air

EASA Exam Details in India

The EASA Part 66 Licence The Part 66 licence is required for engineers to obtain ‘approvals’ to work on aircraft.  These approvals are issued by companies who are themselves approved by the CAA (EASA Part 145) usually after ‘type training’.  The approved engineer can sign off work on the aircraft within his/her licence authority. So

Why Airhostess ask you to put your cell phone in Airplane mode ?

Cell phone During take off and landing.Well, it’s a interesting topic to discuss. As per rules of FAA or DGCA, the use of cell phones and portable electronic devices (PEDs) is prohibited during take off and landing. But,Are these gadgets really hazardous to flight safety? Well, It depends on the gadget and how and when

Star Air- New Airline in India

Star Air- This is the upcoming scheduled airline of the country. In a country where 7 Billion people reside, less than 8 scheduled airline exist which shows there is huge opportunity for every airline to expand. Considering the opportunities Mr Sanjay Godhawat is starting a Star Air. The new year 2019 opens a new chapter

Cyclone Warning for Andhra Pradesh & Puducherry (Yanam) Coasts

The Cyclone storm ‘PHETHAI’ over southwest Bay of Bengal moved further north-northwestwards with a speed of 16 kmph during past 06 hours and lay centred at 0830 hrs IST of 16th December, 2018 over southwest & adjoining Westcentral Bay of Bengal near latitude 11.8°N and longitude 84.0°E, about 460 km northeast of Trincomalee (Sri Lanka),

Augmented Reality In Aviation

Augmented Reality In Aviation : The Role Of Augmented Reality In Aviation   The world is changing. Technology is rapidly changing everyday. Augmented Reality is the next big thing which will change the face of aviation in coming few years. Using AR, real-time information is used in the form of text, images, and audio enhancements

Mumbai & Delhi Airport To remain shut during peak season

Mumbai & Delhi Airport To remain shut during peak season : Book your tickets today as Mumbai and Delhi runway to remain close due to maintenance in peak season. This will lead to increase in airfares. Travellers should be prepared for  delays and disruptions and be ready to pay more for flight tickets, as India’s
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