Air Force One-New Aircraft Coming Soon

New Air Force One : The President of America has selected a new aircraft i.e Air Force One. The new aircraft will be Boeing 747-8 which is one of the world’s largest aircraft. The interior Cabinets of Air Force one are custom built and designed by famous designers. The Dining Room The Conference room  Bedroom

H135 Bluecopter by Airbus

H135 Bluecopter by Airbus : Airbus has achieved a milestone by reducing fuel by 40%. Airbus Helicopters have unveiled the latest rotorcraft i.e.Bluecopter which is A quieter and more fuel efficient future. It has showcased leading-edge technologies ranging from an advanced Fenestron®, improved rotor and airframe design to intelligent engine power management. It logged more than

Air Ambulance Services In India

Air Ambulance Services In India : Air Ambulance is an specially designed and configured aircraft in which ICU facilities are provided on an aircraft. The main goal of Air Ambulance is to provide critical care even when the patient is in transit. Generally air ambulance is a small aircraft of 6-9 seater capacity. Two seats

Cabin Crew not Required for Aircraft upto 19 Seater

Cabin Crew not Required for Aircraft upto 19 Seater: DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has given a relief to various Non Scheduled Operators of India by allowing operators to operate the aircraft upto 19 seater without any cabin crew. Previously,it was mandatory for all the aircraft to fly with cabin crew with more than


ICAO CONFIRMS NEW E-CIGARETTE RESTRICTIONS : The International Civil Aviation Organization has amended the 2015-2016 edition of its Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air (ICAO Doc 9284), prohibiting passengers and crew from carrying e-cigarettes and other battery-powered portable electronic smoking devices in checked baggage. The amendment also prohibits recharging the

SKYZEN App will help Air Travellers in Improving Flight Experience

SKYZEN App will help Air Travellers in Improving Flight Experience : Used in conjunction with a “Jawbone” fitness wristband, the new SkyZen app enables air travellers to view their activity and sleep patterns throughout the whole flight experience. Helpful hints will enable users to improve their travel experience and combat jet lag when crossing time

5 Tricky Aviation Interview Questions

5 Tricky Aviation Interview Questions which are asked during interview as Pilot :   How many types of Emergency landings are there ? There are basically three (3) types of emergency landings as follows: * Forced landing: This is a situation where Air Craft engine fails and Pilot is forced to land the plane in

Inside Air Force One

Air Force One : When  the President of the United States of America travels on certain aircraft,it is termed as Air Force One as official call sign of that aircraft. Air Force One is specially designed ,built and used for the purpose of Presedent’s travel across the world.The “Air Force One” call sign was created after

Ubair will be Uber for Private Jets

 Ubair will be Uber for Private Jets :  With a similar name Ubair, a private jet operator can’t go wrong—right? That’s what the latest start-up in the world of private air travel is hoping. With the punny moniker (a play on the extremely popular ride-sharing app Uber) and a booking method that can be reduced to

Upcoming UAV Rules of India

What we can expect from Upcoming UAV Rules ? In 2014, DGCA banned the use of UAV,Drones across the country irrespective of anything. As per the circular : UAS has potential for large number of civil applications. However, its use besides being a safety issue, also poses security threat. The Airspace over cities in India