7 tricks to get a cheap ticket

7 tricks to get cheap ticket :

Cheap ticket- With the holiday season fast approaching, everyone is on the hunt for cheap tickets to travel to different destinations, be it to families or on a holiday getaway. We at AviatiorFlight.com have compiled a list of tricks you can use to get the cheapest flights out there.

1. Use Flight ticket comparing websites and apps



Yes, everyone knows about Makemytrip and Cleartrip. But what many people don’t know is that lesser known sites like www.ixigo.com offer cheaper tickets than their competitors.

Mobile applications of these websites even give cashbacks when you book  a cheap ticket through them.

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2. Connect with the airline

Stay connected with airlines and subscribe to their newsletters to get frequent updates about latest offers and cheap tickets.
Facebook pages and websites of airlines sometimes have offers exclusively for their followers. So make sure you sign up and don’t miss out on the cheap tickets.

3. Become a frequent flier

Most airlines have a Frequent Flier Program, which enables you to get very cheap tickets and other special offers including access to airline lounges and services.



4. Know your airports and connecting flights 

Many airlines have connecting flights (Multi-City) flights that are cheaper than direct flights. The catch here is that the travel time is a little more than that of the direct flight. So if you have a few extra hours, book a connecting flight and also have some extra money in your pocket!

5. Plan your trip in advance

Planning your trip and booking tickets in advance often gets you lower ticket prices than if you wait till the last few days before your holidays. Six to eight weeks is considered the best gap to get the cheapest ticket prices from airlines.

6. Be flexible

If you are going on a vacation and you don’t have a strict schedule to stick to or events to attend, being flexible with your travels dates can actually help you save money. When making a booking, be sure to check the fares on dates before and after your originally intended date. A few days ahead or behind can save you several hundred or even thousands of rupees.

7. Credit/Debit cards

Nowadays with banks encouraging people to go cashless while making purchases, they give a lot of incentive to use debit cards and travel credit cards. After a certain amount of money spend, you can often redeem the earned points to get complimentary air tickets. Some companies also give you free tickets as a welcome bonus when you sign up!



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