Air Crash

For the first time in the history of aviation, three major air crash have occurred in a week. On Thursday morning ,an aircraft of Air Algerie flying with 116 persons crashed over Mali due a major rainstorm.

The aircraft which suffered air crash was operated by Air Algerie and SwiftAir was the owner of the aircraft. It took off from Burkina Faso’s capital of Ouagadougou towards Algiers and disappeared from Radar within an hour.After sometime only,it was declared that air crash has occurred on that flight.

The aircraft was MD-83 and it was found in a remote place around 50 kms from Burkina.Most of the passengers were French.

Just before the air crash,pilot even asked for route change due weather.

Before this incident, a Trans Asia flight in Taiwan crashed . 47 people died in this incident.Earlier in this week, Malaysian Airlines aircraft MH 370 was shot down by militants over Ukraine.

This week is considered to be the worst week in the history of aviation.

The best seats considering safety are the rear seats which has higher structural support as compare in front seats. If some passenger has air sickness , he should choose the seats which are over wings. Most of the accidents have happened during landings.

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