Air India One- B777 to replace 747

Air India One :


The Aircraft by which Prime Minister of India flies becomes Air India One. Presently B-747 is being used as Air India One. Whenever Prime Minister wish to fly ,one of the aircraft from Air India’s fleet is choosen and utilized for Prime Minister flights.

The Govt of India has choosen ultra long-haul Boeing 777-300 (extended range) aircraft to replace the ageing B747s that serve as Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Air India One fleet.



Air India has a fleet of 12 B777s, out of which two would be transferred to the defence ministry for VVIP use .

“The planes would need extensive modifications and done up according to VIP requirements. It would also be fitted with sophisticated communication equipment and security kits for which certification would be needed from Boeing,” the official said.



“Other modalities are being worked out in consultation with Boeing officials. The transfer (of the planes) would not take place before the second half of 2015-16,” another senior AI official said.

As part of the arrangement being worked out, the aircraft would be maintained by the defence ministry with help from AI engineers, and pilots and cabin crew might be requisitioned from AI depending on requirement, sources said.

The five B747s are around 20 years old. The B777s were inducted by AI between 2009 and 2010 and the two that would be transferred would have had the least number of landings.

What is Inside Air India One ?

New Aircraft (B-777 ER) will look like this from Outside :

New Air india one

New Air india one

There is a panel of eight pilots who are always prepared to fly the VVIP anywhere across the Globe. Once, a flight is scheduled, one among it is pulled and configured with a VVIP type setting which includes a satellite phone, fax.internet etc and other necessities.  Once the configuration is complete, the plane is taken over by personnel from Special Protection Group (SPG) for security checking and safety purpose as each and every inch of the plane including the fuel and water   is scanned before being filled  . SPG is tasked with PM’s security with the flight being monitored from Air Force Station in Palam.


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