Aircraft Cleaning Robot-First Time in India

Aircraft Cleaning Robot-First Time in India 

Aircraft Cleaning Robot– This is the first time in India when aircraft will be cleaning by robots. Have you ever imagined how long it takes to clean an aeroplane? Every day , more than 200 aircraft are washed, cleaned, dried and kept them ready for flying at Indira Gandhi International Airport. And it takes about 10 hours to complete the process for each plane.
Now, the airport operator is planning to do away with this conventional, time-consuming method. DIAL and Air India SATS have joined hands to bring in a new technology from Sweden, which will use robotic arms to wash and clean an aircraft This will save time, helping the airlines to increase their frequency . The new method will be cheaper than the manual method .

“At present, it is like washing 20 cars at a time. More than 20 people have to work for 10 hours at a stretch, ensuring that every bit of the aircraft is clean, in order to provide the flyers with the best hygiene possible. However, the manual workforce cannot match the efficiency of a machine,“ an airport official said. “Along with better vacuum cleaning, pressure washing and drying of delicate areas, the new technology will also help cut down the current cost drastically .“

Aircraft Cleaning Robot

The new system is likely to start early next year. “The facility will be available at T3.The machine, Nordic Dino, will be procured from a Swedish company . Initially, we are setting it up for washing and cleaning of narrow-body aircraft. Later, all kinds of planes can be washed with the help of this machine. It is expected by February and the service will be launched by by April .

According to DIAL, airports in Qatar, the UK and Nordic region are already using this automated method. Vistara, Air India, SpiceJet and IndiGo–which use IGI Airport as their hub will be the biggest beneficiary of the facility. An Air India spokesperson exuded confidence that the facility would be very effective and cut down the cleaning time by half. “At present, it takes us 10 hours. With the new technology in place, the same work will be done in four hour but with better results. We can improve our ontime performances and frequency ,“ the official added.

DIAL CEO I Prabhakara Rao said the company had always been proactive in embracing technological innovations at the Delhi airport.“This facility will significantly add to the apron safety, improved aircraft availability and cost savings.“

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