Assets of Civil Aviation Minister(Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju)

Assets of India’s Civil Minister( Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju) :



Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju is a seven time MLA from Vizianagaram Assembly Constituency and now became Civil Aviation Minister on his 8th won.He is the younger son of the Raja of Vizianagram.

Civil Aviation Minister Raju founded the Maharajah Alak Narayan Society of Arts and Science [MANSAS] with a view to confound socio-academic inequalities. As a part of realizing his socialistic ideals, the late Raju endowed almost all his properties to the educational trust MANSAS founded in the hallowed memory of his father Maharajah Alak Narayan Gajapathi.

He declared the total assets worth Rs 3.23 Crore just before becoming Civil Aviation Minister. The details of his declaration are as follows :

Bank Accounts of Civil Aviation Minister :

  1. SBI(Vizianagaram) ———————————-Rs 52,14,139.72
  2.  Maharaja Co-operative Bank Ltd——————Rs 1,333.00
  3.  Indian Overseas Bank——————————-Rs5,29,901.00
  4. Axis Bank Ltd——————————————Rs 33,127.08
  5.  HDFC Bank Ltd—————————————Rs 21,074.70
  6. .State Bank of Hyderabad( Joint A/c with wife)–Rs 10,826.06
  7.  State Bank of Hyderabad—————————-Rs  65,496.00
  8. State Bank of India(Parliament Branch)————Rs 1,86,556.00


Fixed Deposits of Civil Aviation Minister :

  1. Indian Overseas Bank—Rs 16,20,000.00
  2.  State Bank of India——Rs79,50,000.00


Shares and Investments of Civil Aviation Minister :


1. 125 shares in Maharaja Co-op Bank Ltd., Visakhapatnam @ 100/- each share value Rs.12,500/-

2. 2634 shares in TATA Steel Ltd.,

3. Rural Electrification Corp. Ltd., 500 bonds facevalue each @ 10,000/- Rs.50,00,000/-

4. Rural Electrification Corp. Ltd., 500 bonds facevalue each @ 10,000/- Rs.50,00,000/-

4. 760 shares in Agro Tech Foods Ltd., value of Rs.3,96,286.00

5. 650 shares in Ashok Leyland Ltd., value of Rs.15,957.50

6.10 shares in Balaji Telefilms Ltd., value of Rs.494.50

7. 18 shares in Bharat Electronics Ltd., value of Rs.20,446.20

8. 80 shares in Cairn India Ltd., value of Rs.28,080.00

9. 223 shares in Canfin Homes Ltd., value of Rs.49,249.5 5

10. 200 shares in Cholamandalam Investment and Fin., value of Rs.57,200.00

11. 10 shares in Dhanalaxmi bank Ltd., value of Rs.362.00

12. 100 shares in Entertain Netwo value of Rs.37,560.00

13. 175 shares in Exide Industries Ltd., value of Rs.21,910.00

14. 350 shares in Finolex Cables Ltd., value of Rs.40,267.50

15. 90 shares in Gujarat Gas Company Ltd., value of Rs.27,040.50

16. 46 shares in Havell’s India Ltd., value of Rs.41,517.30
17. 50 shares in HDFC Bank Ltd., value of Rs.37,092.50
18. 1000 shares in Heidel Berg Cement India Ltd., value of Rs.44,350.00
19. 85 shares in Info Edge India Ltd., value of Rs.49,244.75
20. 10 shares in Infosys Ltd., value of Rs.32,545.50
21. 50 shares in LIC Housing Finance Ltd., value of Rs.12,830.00
22. 1000 shares in Manappuram Finance Ltd., value of Rs.21,500.00
23. 30 shares in MCX India Ltd., value of Rs.15,984.00
24. 600 shares in NCC Ltd., value of Rs.24,990.00
25. 950 shares in New Delhi Television Ltd., Rs.72,770.00
26. 1350 shares in NHPC Ltd., value of Rs.26,595.00
27. 500 shares in NTPC Ltd., value of Rs.60,275.00
28. 125 shares in Relaxo Footwears Ltd., value of Rs.36,443.75
29. 202 shares in Selan Exploration Technology Ltd., value of Rs.1,10,786.90
30. 10 shares in Shree Ganesh Forgings Ltd., value of Rs.35.40
31. 58 shares in State Bank of Bikaner and Jaipur value of Rs.20,082.50
32. 47 shares in State Bank of Travancore, value of Rs.20,059.60
33. 58 shares in Sun TV Network Ltd., value of Rs.23,405.90
34. 100 shares in The Karur Vysya Bank Ltd., value of Rs.37,005.00
35. 10 shares in The Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd., value of Rs.788.00
36. 1500 shares in TV18 Broadcast Ltd., of value of Rs.41,250.00
37. 250 shares in TVS Motor company Ltd., value of Rs.23,900.00
38. 65 shares in Wipro Ltd., value of Rs.36,039.25

39. 4200 shares in ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd, value of Rs.2,940.00
40. 200 shares in ZEE Entertainment Enterprises Ltd., value of Rs.54,940.00


Motor Vehicles of Civil Aviation Minister:

  1.  Jeep 1982 model. (value of Rs.15,000.00)
  2. Nano Car, 2009 Model (value of Rs.1,30,000.00)


Jewellery : – Gold, Silver ware and Diamonds value fixed by wealth tax officer, 1992-93 asst year Rs.3,69,065/- Ind:- Gold, Jewellery value fixed by wealth tax officer 1992-93 asst. year Rs. 40,600/-

Claim Pending: Claim pending family properties before the High Court of Andhra Pradesh. CMA 1057 of 2013. Our claim is 1/7′” share in High court of Hyderabad for the state of Telangana and the State of Andhra Pradesh .


Property of Civil Aviation Minister :

  1. Agricultural Land: A Mango garden in Vizianagaram  value fixed by the wealth tax officer in Assessment year 1971-72, Rs. 70,000/- half sharebeing Rs. 35,000/- in that year. (still pending in land ceiling)..Total Area: Ac. 62.06 cents
  2. Non-Agricultural Land :Land in OOTY in Tamilnadu state received through arbitration award on 3-10-1970, for an extent ofAc.3.16 cents, the value fixed by wealth tax officer in that year Rs. 13,177.00
  3. Commercial Building : Prince of wales market Vizianagaram purchased through registered sale deed on 30-12-1971 Rs.82,400/-
  4. Residential – Bungalow residential (purchased Rs. 50,000/-as on 11-8-1971 &   Bungalow residential (purchased Rs. 50,000/-)


Summary Total Current Value:  Rs. 27,61,587.00 ( As declared by Civil Aviation Minister Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju)

Apart from this he has declared assets worth Rs. 16,48,500.00 of his wife. Hence the total worth is Rs 3.23 Crore…Source

The Pan Card no of Civil Aviation Minister, Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju is ACSPP8675L 

During Election of 2009 he declared the assets worth Rs 63+ lakhs with liabilities of Rs 47,000. So in five years his assets grew at almost 5 times.

Whats your views about the declaration given by Civil Aviation Minister ??


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