Aviation Companies CEO Meeting with Aviation Minister

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The Civil Aviation Minister Shri Ashok Gajapathi Raju is meeting all the CEOs of various airlines today. This is the first meeting between all CEOs and Civil Aviation Minister. All the CEO of Indigo Airlines, Spicejet, Go Air, Vistara Air, Jet Airways and Air Asia are pin pointing Civil Aviation Minister about the difficulties which they face while operating in India.

The major issues on which airlines CEO are pointing as follows :

  1. High Tax on ATF ( Aviation Turbine Fuel )
  2. High Airport Charges
  3. New Rule under which Airlines are forced to operate flights at un viable and remote sectors in order to increase regional air connectivity.


Aviation Minister Shri Ashok Gajapthi Raju has assured all the airlines that he will pursue all the state for lowering taxes on ATF across India. Fuel is the major cost of any airline, generally it accounts for 55-60% of airline cost. This is the major reason why all the airlines of India are in deep losses.

As per Civil Aviation Minister , there are many bilateral rules under which airlines can utilize for huge profits.New Bilateral rules are going to be signed soon under which all the carrier will be allowed for more international flights.There will be flights from Coimbatore for Dubai. This will enhance the freight and International business. It should contribute in GDP of India.

Another rule 5/20 under which it states that for starting international operations, a airline should have 5 years of experience in aviation and 20 aircraft in fleet. This rule is likely to be omitted from the rule book. Vistara Airlines and Tata Air Asia are the two airlines which will get benefit from this rule.As both these airlines are new and removal of 5/20 rule will enable them to start the international operations immediately.

In near future we will see more startup in aviation industry. Aviation industry is a key for increasing the GDP of any country. It will help in connecting and fast movement of goods and humans. We can expect atleast 6-7 new airlines which are expected to start operations in first quarter of next year. Recently MSD aviation has also got NOC for starting cargo operations in India.


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