Aviation Minister Setting New Examples in Aviation

Indian Aviation News We have seen in the recent past that most of the Members of Parliament (MP) keep demanding for extra privileges and rights while flying by commercial airline.India’s new Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju Pusapati is going other ways and setting new examples which should be followed by other MPs.

Aviation Minister

Aviation Minister

Aviation Minister was recently travelling by commercial airline, during which he discarded  most of the privileges for which he is entitled. He travelled like a common passenger.

From the time he has taken charge as Aviation Minister, Gajapathi Raju has always travelled in airline bus from terminal to aircraft.He travels like a regular passenger instead of travelling by a special car for which he is privileged.

Aviation Minister,Raju belongs to to the royal family of Vizianagram. His grandfather had two personal aircraft.

The minister is down to earth and carries his own luggage ,stands in queue like a regular passenger for security check. Just for your information,As per present laws and privileges the aviation minister is exempted from security checks at all airports across India.He goes though the entire process and travels like a normal passenger while flying by a commercial airline.

He has never delayed a flight and comes one hour before the departure of his flight. He generally travels alone or just few personal along with him. He don’t take protocol officials and multiple troop of people while going by commercial airline. He is different from other ministers and sets new examples.

During the beginning of this year, national carrier Air India extended many facilities and privileges for MP  and even they asked private airlines also to follow the same.

Indian Aviation has lot of expectations from new Aviation Minister, as presently the entire aviation sector is bleeding heavily. All the airlines are in huge losses and not able to meet with the competition of foreign airlines.

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