Aviation Policy- 7 Points You Need To Know

Aviation Policy- 7 Points You Need To Know :

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  1. The policy caps fare at Rs. 2,500 for one-hour flights between smaller towns and cities as the government plans an ecosystem that will lead to an increase in air travel by making it affordable.
  2. The new policy says the Centre will refund 80 per cent of the losses incurred by airlines due to the cap in fare on such routes.
  3. It aims at increasing connectivity to the country’s smaller towns and cities by offering sops and incentives to airlines to fly on these routes.
  4. Airlines will now be charged a cess on domestic routes to pay for subsidized flights.
  5. A revival of old air strips as no frill airports, a single window system for all aviation related transactions and complaints by aviation regulator Directorate General of Civil Aviation or DGCA  are other important provisions in the new policy. It also proposes real time safety tracking.
  6. According to the new policy, an airline can fly international if it has a fleet of 20 planes. It no more needs to have operated in the domestic sector for five years to fly abroad.
  7. There will be enormous expansion of aviation in India,lots of vacancies are lined up for next 6 months for cabin crew,pilots,AME etc.


This will benefit new operators like AirAsia and Air Vistara. AirAsia group chief Tony Fernandes tweeted, “Initial reports on India is superb. Of course I think 20 aircraft is too many but thank you @narendramodi. Big day for Indian Aviation .”


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