Boeing Seats on Sale for Aviation Lovers

Boeing Seats on Sale for Aviation Lovers :



Japan’s All Nippon Airways (ANA) has decided to start selling seats from a decommissioned 747-400D aircraft recently. All the aviation fans can have their own personal seats of Boeing 747 aircraft.

The plane which seats are being sold, was used on domestic routes in Japan, and was retired in March 2014. The seats have gone on sale from December 25 to February 28, 2015.

Now you can enjoy the luxury seating of first class seats at your own home. There are also only a total of 7 premium class seat sets available – 3 single seats and 4 double ones. The single seat is listed at  647 000 yen ( $5500) on 15 January 2015) and about 747 000 yen( $6350 ) for the double seats.

The sale of  Boeing seats to aviation lovers could be the best possible use of these old luxury seats.

Boeing’s 747 debuted at the Paris Air Show in 1969 and quickly revolutionized air travel. More than 1,400 747 variants have been delivered by Boeing.

Sadly, the electronics will be dismantled, which means no service button to get another glass of champagne or complain that the entertainment system has malfunctioned again.

Boeing Seats on Sale Here

The other catch is that the seats are limited to domestic Japanese sales. They will be sold via this ANA online shopping site run by ANA Trading company (a division of the ANA group). ANA is expecting high demand — lucky purchasers will be selected by lottery.

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