Bombardier Announces Job Cuts

Bombardier, which is one of the biggest aviation company has announced job cut of 1800 employees world wide.Bombardier is the only company in the world which manufactures both aircraft and trains.

Pierre Beaudoin, the President and Chief Executive officer of company said ” This marks another step in Bombardier evolution”. This step was taken to reduce extra cost and overheads.

The company wish to focus on growth and this step will give more flexibility and agility for addressing customer needs. This company is making C Series aircraft and has got less demand as per they anticipated. The aircraft has still engine problems. Bombardier’s previous CEO Guy Hackey is resigning from his services. He was there with Bombardier for over six years. The company had revenue of around $19 Billion last year. Bombardier is a Canadian Company and manufactures various types of aircraft and rail vehicles as follows :

  1. CRJ ( Canadian Regional Jet )

  2. Q 400

  3. LearJet (40,45,85 )

  4. Challenger ( 300 , 600,650 etc )

  5. Global Express ( 6000, 5000 )

  6. Bombardier 415

  7. Very High Speed Trains

  8. Metro rakes

  9. Twindexx (New Era of Trains )

  10. PRIMOV (Electric Vehicles )

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