Cabin Crew not Required for Aircraft upto 19 Seater

Cabin Crew not Required for Aircraft upto 19 Seater:

DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) has given a relief to various Non Scheduled Operators of India by allowing operators to operate the aircraft upto 19 seater without any cabin crew. Previously,it was mandatory for all the aircraft to fly with cabin crew with more than 9 seats.

This move is after the general aviation industry had requested the DGCA to remove the rule of carrying cabin crew members on these flights. The current norms of not having cabin crew members on smaller aircraft are as per global safety norms.

Following aircraft are more than 9 seats which are being flown by various corporate :

  • Global Express
  • Embraer 190
  • Legacy 650
  • Challenger 850


Following operators will get benefit from this revised rule :

  • Eon Aviation
  • Karnavati Aviation (Adani)
  • Airone
  • India Fly Safe( Jindal)
  • Reliance
  • Airmid Aviation( India Bulls)
  • Fly By Wire
  • Reliance ADAG


DCGA is in process of revising the FDTL (Flight Duty Time Limit) for cabin crew very shortly.All the airlines are expanding and there is huge requirement of cabin crew in India across all the airlines. Recently Vistara Airlines also started a massive drive for cabin crew recruitment.Startup Airlines like Oriel and Pegasus will also join the league.


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