Ground Handling

Bureau Of Civil Aviation &  Security is all set to implement  new ground handling policy throughout India. According to this policy only three agencies can provide ground handling services i.e. Air India being a national carrier , Airport Operator i.e. GMR,GVK OR Airport Authority Of India, thirdly the private company which will be selected on

Pay to Fly from Delhi

The Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) is going to charge Airport Development Fee from passengers for three years . They gonna charge Rs. 200 from domestic flyers and Rs. 1300 from International flyers. They are charging this fee to raise more money and to cope up the financial crisies.

Dangerous Runways In India

Dangerous Runways In India According to a report there are so many runways in India which are very risky for landing due to many circumstances like short runway or geographical conditions. According to the International Standards, the length of the runway should be 9000 feet. But in India there are many runways which are far

Airport Development Fees

Airports Authority of India is looking forward to charge airport development fee (ADF) and user development fee (UDF). AERA had received proposals from AAI to charge User Development Fees at Thiruvananthapuram & Ahmedabad airports. AERA, proposed a UDF of Rs 755 per departing international passenger from Thiruvananthapuram. The ministry of civil aviation has allowed AAI


Yesterday, Aviation Minister Prafull Patel visited Jaipur and announced that the Sanganer Airport is going to expand. The length of the runway is going to be 11,500 feet long ,which is presently 9000 feet. The number of aerobridges is to increase to 10 which are presently 2 only. The capacity of lounge is going to

Specialized Cargo Complex

Now at the Mumbai Airport, Authority is going to develop  a new dedicated cargo complex.It is going to be as big as one million tonne capacity and the plan is going to be finalized in next two or three months.It will cater all types of cargo like heavy machines,pharmaceuticals, etc.     Latest Aviation News Air Charter

ILS at Kanpur Airport

The Airport Authority of India has decided to install the Instrument Landing System (ILS) at Chakeri Airport ,Kanpur .It is going to help the pilots in landing in bad weather conditions. The work has been started on friday and going to be completed in a month. 2 crore rupees is going to be invested on