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EASA Exam Details in India

The EASA Part 66 Licence The Part 66 licence is required for engineers to obtain ‘approvals’ to work on aircraft.  These approvals are issued by companies who are themselves approved by the CAA (EASA Part 145) usually after ‘type training’.  The approved engineer can sign off work on the aircraft within his/her licence authority. So


TOP GUN : Where should I begin with this one? This movie set the bar for airplane movies who want to be cool. “Top Gun” is certainly the best movie that I’ve seen the most on this list.  It was a fairly accurate, awesome movie. The fighter planes that  they used were not Russian plane


WINGS : This is the one and only film that won a Best Picture Award .  “Wings,”  centers on WWI pilots and a true love story. The film had a estimated budget of 2 million dollars. I believe that  “Wings”  seen as attempts to achieve the impossible–filming while on an airplane, about airplanes–and they clearly