Jackal Disaster At Calcutta Airport?

The Calcutta airport authorities have sought permission from the forest department to tranquillise and catch jackals, which enter the runways and disrupt flights – jackal problem continues. “We have been seeking permission from the forest department to tranquillise the jackals. But they have not yet issued it. The jackals often cause flight disruptions,” airport director

Drones Can Improve Agriculture? See How

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed long-awaited rules on the commercial use of small  drones in the agricultural sector. The new regulations require operators to be certified, fly only during daylight and keep their aircraft in sight. Although this proposed legislation could take one or two years for final adoption, it marks a major step for the industry,

Future of Aviation in India – What will happen ?

  The future of Indian Aviation Industry is bright. India is set to become one of the top five aviation markets by 2020. The latest report on civilaviation, reveals an all-round improvement in air traffic. The number of passengers as also the volume of goods and mails carried by airplanes during the period shows an

New : Govt. to boost Air India’s efficiencies

The government is giving a new thrust to strengthen Air India‘s management practices and operational efficiencies while the disinvestment plan would depend on various circumstances, Finance Minister Piyush Goyal said today. The strategic disinvestment plan for debt-laden Air India did not take off after it failed to attract any bidder when the deadline for submitting

Wingtip Vortices in Air : What are they?

Wingtip vortices are circular patterns of rotating air left behind a wing as it generates lift. One wingtip vortex trails from the tip of each wing. Wingtip vortices are sometimes named trailing or lift-induced vortices because they also occur at points other than at the wing tips. Indeed, vorticity is trailed at any point on the wing where the lift varies span-wise (a fact described and quantified by

Toilet Wastes in Planes? What happens to them?

Airliner toilets use either a “closed waste system,” which works much like a common house toilet and flushes the wastewater into an onboard sewage tank, or the more modern “vacuum waste system,” which sucks wastewater into the tank. While up in the air, the latter is powered by the difference between the air pressure outside

Crash in Mumbai; 5 Persons Killed in Plane Crash

Five persons were killed when a private plane crashed near an under-construction building in Mumbai’s Ghatkopar area while trying to make an emergency landing. The Aircraft Accident Investigation Bureau will conduct a detailed probe into the crash, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said. The crashed flight was a privately-owned Beechcraft King Air C90

IndiGo : Top Executive Resigns after 12 Years

IndiGo said its Chief Commercial Officer Sanjay Kumar is leaving the airline and would be replaced by William Boulter. Kumar, who has been associated with the no-frills carrier for the last 12 years, has put in his papers to pursue other career interests, IndiGo said in a release. His resignation would be effective from July

Landing in Patna Airport is a Danger

Two planes of SpiceJet and Indigo suffered bird hits during landing at Patna’s Jai Prakash Narayan International Airport two weeks ago, and both had to cancel their onwards journey. The incident, though, is nothing out of the ordinary for the Patna airport. There are several factors that contribute to make the airport one of the most


AIRBUS AIR TAXI   This could be next big things in public transportation . Major aircraft giant, Airbus conducted the first successful test flight of its Vahana electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft , the aerospace giant announced. The full-scale vehicle reached a modest height of five meters (16 feet) before descending safely. The