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Boeing 797 Aircraft : Check out the first look

Boeing 797 Aircraft : Check out the first look : Boeing 797 : At Paris Airshow 2017, Boeing has released the first image of its new “middle-market airplane”   as a teaser for what will be the company’s first upcoming aircraft. It’s been nearly six years since the Dreamliner first went into service after a decade in

Hainen Airline puts two women up in sex hotel on Valentine’s Day after flight delay

The two strangers were thrust into a scene right out of the popular adult novel series “Fifty Shades of Grey” when they discovered their room was decorated with chains and handcuffs. A delayed passenger claims she was left embarrassed after an airline arranged for her and another woman to be put up in a “sex

Flying Machine ” SNOWSTORM”

Flying Machine ” SNOWSTORM” : With the number of cars increasing everyday, traffic jams is a very common problem. Researchers are working on personal flying machine which can evade the traffic jams. This invention will help big way. Its a very real possibility of future vehicle.The future of personal flying machine is near. Various types

Medical Travel Summit 2016

Medical Travel Summit 2016 : Medical Tourism is a big sector in the World. International Medical Tourism Journal is organizing Medical Travel Summit from 24th-26th May . The IMTJ Summit is a high level event aimed at senior decision makers involved in the medical tourism and international patient market. There are many conferences and congresses that

Vistara partners with Japan Airlines

Vistara forays into the land of the rising sun – Japan : Vistara, a TATA SIA JV, today announced a formal partnership agreement with Japan Airlines (JAL) and the appointment of Air System Inc. (ASI) as its General Sales Agent (GSA) in Japan. Coming soon after the appointment of a GSA for the GCC and

Paragliding World Cup 2015- INDIA

Paragliding World Cup 2015- INDIA : Paragliding 2015 World Cup will be hosted by Billing Paragliding Association at India. World’s best paragliders will coverge at Shimla to showcase their skills.It will be held at Bir Billing,Himachal Pradesh from 23rd-31st Oct 2015. Airport Authority of India is the lead sponsor for the event. Paragliders from France,Germany,Slovenia,UK,Italy,Japan,Russia

Vistara’s Grand opening in Dubai

Vistara’s Grand opening in Dubai :   Vistara, a joint venture of Tata Sons and Singapore Airlines Ltd, and India’s fastest growing full service carrier, established its presence in the Gulf region today with the inauguration of its Sales office in Dubai and the appointment of Sharaf Travels LLC as its General Sales Agent (GSA).

GE Jet Engines-Aviation Turbines to Start Lighting Thailand

GE Jet Engines-Aviation based Turbines to Start Lighting Thailand Next Year : We all know Thailand for beaches and open minded people. The time for Thailand is changing, now so many new projects and inventions are happening in Thailand. Economy is progressing and poverty rate is cut to half now. Recently, a Thai company called

Boeing 777-9X -World’s Largest Twin Engine Aircraft

Boeing 777-9X -World’s Largest Twin Engine Aircraft: Boeing has unveiled largest twin engine aircraft in the world i.e. Boeing  777-9X.  The wings of Boeing 777-9X is so large that designers had to put hinge on the wings . The hinged wingtips alone will measure 12 feet. This give extra lift which will reduce the fuel burn. They’ll

First Time Ever 3D Printed Jet Engine

3D Printed Jet Engine : The 3d printing technology has reached to very advanced levels. Recently, a US based company printed a fully working Boeing 787 Jet Engine. This has a logo of GE on it. The 3D Printed Jet Engine is a full scale model with 60 blades and even has feature of reverse thrust.