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Drones Can Improve Agriculture? See How

The Federal Aviation Administration proposed long-awaited rules on the commercial use of small  drones in the agricultural sector. The new regulations require operators to be certified, fly only during daylight and keep their aircraft in sight. Although this proposed legislation could take one or two years for final adoption, it marks a major step for the industry,

7 Aviation Quotes That Every Aviator Should Know

Aviation Quotes:     1. When in doubt, hold your altitude; nobody ever collided with the sky.     2.It’s better to be on the ground wishing you were the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground.   3.Aviation is the Branch of Engineering,that is least forgiving of mistakes   4. There

V1 : Decision speed or Action initiation speed. All about V1

All about V1 : A lot of people find it difficult to understand about V1 : whether its a decision speed or action initiation speed. Whats the significance of it ? Lets put some light on the whole thing !! Lets see what the books say about V1 : Definition : V1 is the speed from

Don’t Use Knee Defender In flights

Knee Defender : There are some inventions in this world which are very controversial. The invention of Knee Defender is also one of them. A United Airlines flights was forced to divert when two passengers got into argument . This actually helps in protect knees and legs on airplane seats by blocking reclining seats.   Travelling

AERO GLASS is the Future of Aerial Navigation

AERO GLASS : Aviation is now associated with masses now. We all must have faced flight delays due to bad weather or low visibility. There is a saying ” Necessity is the mother of all inventions ” . There was a huge demand for something which can give the solution of flying in low visibility. AERO

11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Pilot

11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Pilot :   Pilots are breed apart. There is something special about a hunk who take the tonnes of metal up in the air, who travels most exotic and beautiful locations every day, who flies the VIP’s and other important persons, well dating a pilot can be quite interesting and