Dangerous Runways In India

Dangerous Runways In India

According to a report there are so many runways in India which are very risky for landing due to many circumstances like short runway or geographical conditions. According to the International Standards, the length of the runway should be 9000 feet. But in India there are many runways which are far short of standards. The risky runways of India are as follows :

1.PATNA : Length of the runways is just 6410 feet instead of 9000 feet.

2.JAMMU : Length of the runway is just 6700 feet and aircrafts has to take a sharp turn because if they take a long turn, they will touch International boundary of Pakistan

3.MANGALORE :Table Top runway  with runway length of 8038 feet accounted with bad weather and poor visibility..

4.CALICUT :This runway is also known for Table Top runway.



5.AIZWAL : This runways is also known for Table Top runway  and surrounded by high mountains on its sides.

6.KULLU : The runway is extremely short and it is situated in deep valley hence generally hard landing is observed there.

7.LEH :Short runway and aircrafts has to take off and land in one direction only,hence it is very risky.

8.PORT BLAIR : There is a road which cuts the runway and traffic remains throughout the day.

9.LATUR :This is the only airport which has no boundary wall,hence it is risky in terms of safety.

10.AGARTALA: The length of the runway is just 7500 feet accommodated with low visibility  & nearness of International Boundary of Bangladesh.


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