11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Pilot

11 Reasons Why You Should Date a Pilot :


Pilots are breed apart. There is something special about a hunk who take the tonnes of metal up in the air, who travels most exotic and beautiful locations every day, who flies the VIP’s and other important persons, well dating a pilot can be quite interesting and if lucky it can be quite adventurous too. Dating a pilot comes with lot of benefits .11 Reasons Why You should date a Pilot:


1.Travel Benefits : Well if you are lucky and dating a pilot, he may add you as a partner and will get almost free travel round the globe. You can fly to London in just Rs 10,000/- that too in first class.


2. Reputed Uniform : Everybody like a man in uniform. The white shirt, wings on the chest, golden epaulets on the shoulder, tight fitting jackets, hat on head. All these things can turn anybody on. The experience is counted by the no of hours he has flown and with that he gets stripes on his shoulders. For reference three stripes on shoulder means he is a first officer and 4 stripes means he is a Captain.


3. Mile High Dating: Your partner can take you up in the sky on a two seater aircraft on your birthday or anniversary. This could be really romantic when flying over a sea and watching the sunset from 5000 feet above the ground.


4. Superhero :  Your partner is responsible for thousands of lives which is a splendid work. He is appraised by thousands of people in the society and enjoy a good reputation in social circle.


5. Interesting office stories :  His office stories comes directly from 40,000 feet above the ground, the world look beautiful from the top. He will apprise you with lot of office stuff which will be quite interesting as well. 



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