DGCA might fail again in FAA review over safety issue

The Indian aviation regulator , Director General of Civil Aviation ( DGCA ) might fail again in FAA review over safety issue. This year in the month of January, FAA ( Federal Aviation Authority ) has done a safety audit in which DGCA was scrutinized in number of issues. There were so many shortcomings which came in front of everybody. The first and the foremost was the required  number of Flight Operations Inspector ( FOI ) who inspects the aircraft and operator in such a manner so that a safe flight happens.

Till date DGCA is only able to recruit just 35 Flight Operations Inspector (FOI ) instead of 75 which was the minimal number suggested by FAA.  FAA downgraded India’s Aviation Sector to Category ll from Category l.  Due this downgrading, Jet Airways and Air India are barred from expanding flights to US. This has given a serious impact on codesharing also.


Air India cannot expand US operations


FAA is suppose to review again , the Indian regulator over safety. However, this time FAA will be looking at more stringent way as many crashes have happened in recent days.

Under the bilateral assistance program between India and US,  the Indian regulator has appointed The Wicks Group which is a US based company and is being funded by US Trade Develoment Agency in order the restore the India’s category back to Category 1.

All the airlines are just hoping that DGCA shall come back to Category 1, as it hampers the image of India Carriers over safety issues.


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