Don’t Use Knee Defender In flights

Knee Defender : There are some inventions in this world which are very controversial. The invention of Knee Defender is also one of them. A United Airlines flights was forced to divert when two passengers got into argument . This actually helps in protect knees and legs on airplane seats by blocking reclining seats.


Travelling on a flight, using a laptop or having some snacks or drinks, suddenly the person in front reclines his seat to the maximum which might spill your drink or disturb you.Here is the solution for you i.e. Knee Defender.

The cost of Knee Defender is just $22 and is available freely in market.It was invented by Ira Goldman. The Knee Defender doesn’t violate any of the FAA regulations. However it cannot be used when the aircraft is doing take off or landing( Seats Upright Position) . The airlines have the authority to restrict the use of Knee Defender.



How Knee Defender Works ?

It actually consists of two small pieces of plastic ,which needs to be clipped on to the arms holding the tray table.When you place it just near the seat, the front seated person won’t be able to recline the seat.


Check out the video to know more.

All the major airlines prohibits the use of this tiny gadget .




Reclining the seat is a right of the passenger, but it needs to be done is a appropriate manner with some courtesy. The height of the inventor is around 6 feet 3 inches. He always use to get troubled when front seated person reclines the seat to maximum. There is a saying “Necessity is the mother of all Inventions” . Once he even gave $5 to a young girl in exchange for not reclining the seat.

The Knee Defender comes with a courtesy card which should be given to the person seated in front of you.It will be very courteous if you do so.

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