ELP (English Language Proficiency)

English Language Proficiency (ELP) is now a mandatory requirement for flying crews by DGCA. DGCA has approved many ELP examiners for conducting the ELP. The test is being conducted to confirm that the pilot is well versed with English language pronunciation and will have no problem while communication with ATC controller. Generally the examiners ask “Describe about yourself”, they can give you an article to read or to speak about certain topic.

Skill area description for ELP :

(a) Pronunciation: They check Pronunciation, rhythm, stress & though
possibly influenced by first language or regional variation & almost
never interfere with ease of understanding.
(b) Structure:They check Basic and complex grammatical structures and sentence
patterns are consistently controlled.
(c) Vocabulary: They check Vocabulary range, accuracy are sufficient to
communicate effectively on a wide range of topics.
(d) Fluency: They check your Ability to speak at length with a natural, effortless flow. Varies
speech flow for stylistic effect, e.g. to emphasize a point. Uses appropriate
discourse markers and connectors spontaneously.
(e) Comprehension: Comprehension is consistently accurate in nearly all
contexts and includes comprehension of linguistic and cultural subtleties.
(f) Interactions: They check your Interaction with ease in nearly all situations. Is sensitive to
verbal and non-verbal cues and responds to them appropriately.




Following are the DGCA acceptability levels :

Level Description Acceptability Re-evaluation period
6 Expert Re-evaluation not required
5 Extended 6 years validity
4 Operational 3 years validity


Further Training Required for following :

3 Pre-operational
2 Elementary
1 Pre-elementary


List of examiners in India:


1.Capt Malik ( Delhi)                  Email :colnol407@hotmail.com

2.Capt JK Rao(Mumbai)          Email  :jkrao@hotmail.com , Ph : 9819730138

3.Capt. Pradeep Saini(Delhi)  Email : captpsaini@gmail.com , Ph : 9833896818

4.Capt V S Ashok (Hyderabad) Email :ashoks@bluedart.com

5.Capt IK Khanna (Hyderabad) Email: khannaik@bluedart.com

6.Air India Delhi- Ph No:9871717469

7. Safdarjung(Delhi)- Ph No 011-24642650

8. Capt Harminder (Delhi )-Ph No 9810393332

9.Mrs Savita (Delhi ) -Ph No  9968227130

10.CFI Flytech( Hyderabad )- Ph No 9000000777


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