Ethiad Airways Strategic Equity Stakes



ethiad partners

Ethiad Partners


Ethiad means “Union” is Abu Dhabi based Airline and was founded in 2003 . It is expanding at a very good pace. Ethiad Airways recorded a massive turn over of $ 6.1 Billion. It has a staff of over 13500 people. Etihad announced a partnership with Major League Soccer to become the Official Airline Partner of MLS this year. As on September ETHIAD had 102 aircraft in fleet and another 215 aircraft on order which includes 10 A380 aircraft also.

There is a very famous excerpt from the Book “RICH DAD POOR DAD”- –A Poor Dad teaches his son to study hard so that he can get the job in excellent company, whereas a Rich Dad teaches his son how to acquire excellent companies”. 

ETHIAD Airways is also on the same move. They are rich kids. They have learnt how to acquire excellent companies. ETHIAD has invested and has acquired significant stakes in various airlines across the world. One after the another, ETHIAD AIRWAYS has acquired stakes in  multiple airlines. Here is the list of equity stakes partner airlines :



ETHIAD Airways has unveiled “The Residence” which is a special cabin only on A 380 .The Residence can accommodate 1 or 2 people, at a size of 125 sq ft. It will become the only three-room suite in the sky, and features a living room, bedroom and bathroom. Some of the features include a 60.4 inch two-seater reclining sofa, 32 inch TV monitor and an 82 inch long, 47.5 inch wide double bed. It is said to be the most luxurious living space in the air

ETHIAD Airways above First Class

ETHIAD Airways above First Class




Frequent flyers will get benefit from the formation of Etihad Airways Partners as it will remove the complexity and confusion that exists within the global alliances. We just have to wait and watch which will be the next airline under the umbrella of “ETHIAD AIRWAYS”.


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