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Adding Lucknow and Bengaluru to its fast growing network, Vistara today opened bookings for the two new destinations. Starting May 18, 2015 Vistara will offer daily flights on the Delhi-Lucknow-Delhi route increasing the frequency to double daily flights from June 16, 2015 onward. The Delhi-Bengaluru-Bombay daily return flight will also commence from June 16, 2015. These latest additions to the network are in line with Vistara’s organic expansion plan to connect a mix of metros and non-metros across India.


Mr Phee Teik Yeoh, CEO, Vistara said, “We are gradually expanding our pan India footprint, and the addition of Lucknow and Bengaluru to our network seemed the most logical way to grow. The historical and culturally rich city of Lucknow has emerged as a leading commercial hub in the state of Uttar Pradesh while also offering a huge potential for tourism. On the other hand, Bengaluru is one of the most preferred cosmopolitan cities in India offering significant prospects for corporate travel. We are optimistic about the opportunities that these destinations will offer for corporate and leisure travel to our customers.”


With these latest additions Vistara’s network now connects ten cities including Delhi, Ahmedabad, Bengaluru, Bagdogra, Guwahati, Goa, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Mumbai and Pune. Vistara not only offers customers a chance to experience the all new Premium Economy class, they are also assured of greater comfort and ample space given Vistara’s fleet of A320 aircraft are fitted with 20% less seats vis-à-vis other single aisle aircraft in India. Vistara’s Premium Economy is a pioneering concept in the domestic skies and offers enhanced comfort and personalized experience at a competitive price. Other pioneering concepts being offered by the airline include a value based Frequent Flyer Programme Club Vistara and the soon-to-be introduced IntelliCabin™ IFE system in partnership with BAE systems. By the end of this calendar year, Vistara’s fleet size will grow to nine aircraft. In the coming months customers can look forward to flying to more destinations with Vistara as well as many exciting new offerings to its product and services portfolio including a state-of-art lounge at Delhi Airport by August 2015.


Flight schedule as on 24th April, 2015


Route Weekly Frequency Flight No. Departure Arrival Effective date Days of Ops
Delhi to Lucknow 7 UK970 1200 1305 18th May -24th Oct’15 Daily
7 UK927 0730 0840 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily
Lucknow to Delhi 7 UK933 1355 1510 18th May -24th Oct’15 Daily
7 UK936 0925 1040 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily
Delhi to Bengaluru 7 UK889 0640 0930 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily x7
UK889 0730 1015 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 7
Bengaluru to Delhi 7 UK876 1935 2220 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily
     Bengaluru to Mumbai 7 UK875 1010 1150 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily x7
UK875 1055 1240 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 7
Mumbai to Bengaluru 7 UK850 1715 1855 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily
Delhi to Pune 7 UK991 1845 2100 9th Apr -24th Oct’15 Daily
Pune to Delhi 7 UK992 2140 2350 9th Apr -24th Oct’15 Daily
Delhi to Guwahati 7 UK765 1225 1440 2nd Apr – 24th Oct’15 Daily
Guwahati to Bagdogra 7 UK765 1520 1620 2nd Apr – 24th Oct’15 Daily
Bagdogra to Delhi 7 UK765 1655 1910 2nd Apr – 24th Oct’15 Daily
Delhi to Hyderabad 14 UK829 0640 0845 29th Mar – 25thApr’15 Daily x67
UK829 0640 0845 26th Apr -15th Jun’15 Daily x7
UK829 0615 0825 16th Jun -24th Oct’15 Daily x7
UK819 0850 1100 29th Mar – 25thApr’15 6
UK819 0850 1100 29th Mar – 154hJun’15 7
UK879 1715 1925 29th Mar – 24thOct’15 Daily
Hyderabad to Delhi 14 UK830 0925 1135 29th Mar – 25thApr’15 Daily x67
UK830 0925 1135 26th Apr -24th Oct’15 Daily x7
UK824 1140 1350 29th Mar – 25thApr’15 6
UK824 1140 1350 29th Mar – 154hJun’15 7
UK870 2005 2215 29th Mar – 24thOct’15 Daily
Delhi to Goa 7 UK847 1120 1350 29th Mar – 14thApr’15 Daily
UK847 0920 1200 15th Apr-15th Jun’15 Daily
UK847 1120 1350 16th Jun– 24th Oct’15 Daily
Goa to Delhi 7 UK862 1430 1715 29th Mar – 14thApr’15 Daily
UK862 1230 1515 15th Apr-15th Jun’15 Daily
UK862 1430 1715 16th Jun– 24th Oct’15 Daily
Delhi to Mumbai 34 UK975 0615 0820 29th Mar – 24thOct’15 Daily x7
UK943 0725 0940 29th Mar – 24thOct’15 Daily
UK945 1200 1405 29th Mar – 15thJun’15 Daily
UK979 1815 2025 29th Mar – 24thOct’15 Daily
UK981 2015 2225 29th Mar – 24thOct’15 Daily
UK933 1555 1810 16th Jun- 24th Oct’15 Daily
Mumbai to Delhi 34 UK930


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