Flying Machine ” SNOWSTORM”

Flying Machine ” SNOWSTORM” :

With the number of cars increasing everyday, traffic jams is a very common problem. Researchers are working on personal flying machine which can evade the traffic jams. This invention will help big way. Its a very real possibility of future vehicle.The future of personal flying machine is near. Various types of prototypes and concepts are being experimented back to back.Previously backpack helicopter was also invented on the same concept.

flying machine

flying machine

This electric-powered aircraft, designed and built by a group of students from the National University of Singapore, can be controlled by a human pilot and is capable of a vertical takeoff and landing. Snowstorm was created as part of an engineering project called FW Air: Electric Aviation, which aims to turn the fantasy of flying cars into reality.

Flying Machine

Flying MachineWhat is flying machon

Currently, the prototype is able to stay above ground for roughly five minutes at a time, while the flight control system lets the pilot adjust Snowstorm’s thrust, pitch, roll and its swerve. “The toughest part of this engineering challenge was ensuring a good thrust to weight ratio to allow the craft to lift a person into the air,” said Shawn Sim, a student involved with the program. “In some instances, we even 3D-printed parts, such as our landing gear mount, just so we can have a customized and optimal fit.”

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Of course, FW: AIR Electric Aviation isn’t alone in trying to make our dreams of a flying car come true. Earlier this year, we saw an insane autonomous human transport project, and there are many others that are working toward that same goal.

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