Future Air Transportation System

FUTURE AIR TRANSPORT SYSTEM. A Two days Aviation Summit will be held at Dubai,UAE for discussing about Future Air Transportation System.The Summit is scheduled to happen on 10-11 December ,2014 at Dubai.

As Dubai is becoming the major aviation hub, it will bring together all the stakeholders who are responsible for modernizing the air transport system. A high profile meeting will be held in which senior level executives, decision makers & government officials will take participation. These people will be from :

  • Various Airlines & Airports
  • Military Space Users & Operators
  • Technology Solution Providers & Consultants
  • Civil Aviation Authorities
  • Air Navigation Service Providers
  • International Aviation Associations & Organizations


This summit will showcase future technologies & regional case studies.

Following are the media partners for the summit :

Following are the few Aviation Buff who will be the Panelists for the summit :

  • Jeff Poole (Director General of Civil Air Navigation Services Organisation )
  • Mohamed Abubaker Farea (Director of Aviation Development and Planning  at Department of Transport,Abu Dhabi)
  • Ahmed Al Jallaf (Assistant DirectorGeneral Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) – Dubai)
  • Geoff Hounsell (Vice President of Emirates Group )
  • Michael Underwood (Director Business Development at Honeywell Aerospace)


There will be five sessions on each day, the main discussion will be as follows :

Session 1: The Importance of Developing Modern Air Transportation Systems

Session 2: Encouraging Regional Cooperation to Deliver Increased Efficiency and Capacity of MENA Airspace

Session 3: The Dos and Don’ts – Lessons Learnt from other Regional Airspace Modernisation Programmes

Session 4: Regulatory Panel Discussion: Providing First-class Global Governance for a Modern Air Transportation System

Session 5: Your Workforce is Only Human – the Importance of Human Factors and Training


Day 2 :

Session 1: What are the Implications of Modernising Air Transportation Systems for Airlines, Airports, ATC and other Key Industry Stakeholders?

Session 2: Discussing the Technologies that will Drive and Change the Air Transportation Systems

Session 3: Introducing New Technologies to Increase Efficiencies with Airport Ground Operations

Session 4: Opening up Commercial Airspace to Unmanned Aerial Systems

Session 5 – Industry Debate: Should the Introduction of Satellite Technology be Accelerated and be made a Requirement of the Commercial Airline Industry?


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