GE Jet Engines-Aviation Turbines to Start Lighting Thailand

GE Jet Engines-Aviation based Turbines to Start Lighting Thailand Next Year :

We all know Thailand for beaches and open minded people. The time for Thailand is changing, now so many new projects and inventions are happening in Thailand. Economy is progressing and poverty rate is cut to half now.

Recently, a Thai company called Gulf Energy Development has just announced the next big investment to supply the energy to Bangkok. It has placed an order for six cutting-edge GE gas turbines built especially to produce power in challenging situations.

The turbines operate with an industry-leading 56 percent efficiency and an burn both gas and liquid fuel. A single unit can pump out up to 58 megawatts of electricity, enough for the equivalent of 50,000 homes. Each unit has a small footprint of around 350 square meters so that it can be installed in places where space is limited.

GE Jet Engines

GE Jet Engines

“There is demand for power everywhere, but there is also demand for environmental responsibility,” says Sherif Mohamed, an engineer with GE Power & Water. “Nowadays, you need power, but you also need higher efficiency, flexibility and reliability in any power generation project.”

The gas turbines, which GE calls LM6000-PF+ (above and below), are highly efficient machines built around technology originally developed for aircraft engines.

Workers can install these “aeroderivatives” – the name hints at their aviation heritage – and start generating electricity in as little as three months, a feat GE most recently pulled off in Egypt.


GE Jet Engines

GE Jet Engines


Just like a jet engine on a runway, the turbines can quickly kick into high gear when power is needed. “For the Gulf Energy Development project, we should be able to reach full power – about 300 megawatts between all six units – from a cold start in 10 minutes,” says Nasser Chraibi, the product line manager at GE Power & Water. “Many places throughout the developing world need this kind of flexibility.”

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