Hacking of Passenger Aircraft,Hacker shows how to hack the system

Aviation News : Well known Cyber Security Expert Ruben Santamarta claims that he has ultimately figured out hacking the satellite communication equipments with the help of onboard Wifi and Inflight Entertainment Systems. This will be a serious issue through out the world,as it can lead to massive destruction if it gets into the hands of some militants.

Ruben is a senior consultant at cyber security firm IOActive , will be explaining the technical details about his research at Black Hat Hacking Conference in Las Vegas. This is a annual conference in which thousands of hackers and researchers meet together and discuss about the emerging cyber threats. This conference helps in improving security by taking necessary measures .

He will be showcasing his presentation regrading vulnerabilities in satellite communication systems which is being used by aerosapce,marine and other industry. This will be a big top for discussion in aviation industry.

Santamarta said he has discovered the vulnerabilities from “Reverse Engineering” or by decoding firmware, highly specialized software which is currently being used to operate communication equipments made Iridium Communications Inc , Japan Radio Co Ltd. etc.

Ruben, can utilize the onboard WIFI signals and Inflight Entertainment Systems for hacking into various navigational equipments , or modifying signals. He has tested his research at the lab of IOActive Madrid laboratory. He wish to encourage the manufactures about the fixing of designing flaws .

However the manufactures have claimed that it is not possible to hack the system in real world and a hackers needs to have the physical access of the systems in order to actually  crack or hack the systems.

One similar vulnerability which Santamarta said he found in equipment from all five manufacturers was the use of “hardcoded” log-in credentials.These are designed to let service technicians access any piece of equipment with the same userlogin and password.

The serious problem is that hackers can actually retrieve the passwords by hacking into the firmware systems & then use the credentials to access sensitive systems.

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