ICAO Conference On Innovation in Aviation Security

ICAO Conference is being Organized from time to time for various topics. ICAO Conference have increased the Aviation Intelligence also.

As the technology is getting advanced day by day, the threats on aviation sector has also become multiplied. For dealing with the threats and dangers, ICAO is arranging the first conference on Innovation in Aviation Security. This symposium will be held at Montreal on 21-23 October ,2014.

ICAO is focusing on preventive measures rather than reactive measures in Aviation Security for dealing with threats.The event, which will feature an industry exhibition as well as several thematic panel sessions. The name given to this conference is  Symposium on Innovation in Aviation Security (SIAS).

The main function of SIAS is to develop interest in Countries, Airlines, Aircraft manufacturers, Airports, Aviation security (AVSEC) technology and system vendors, International Organizations, Academic researchers, and other public and private-sector entities for developing new measures for dealing with Aviation threats. 

Recently We have seen how a Hacker showed “How to Hack the Aircraft”. So for dealing with various risks and threats this ICAO Conference should be beneficial.

The SIAS programme will focus on seven key themes:
■ Optimizing technology
■ Innovation in risk-based screening processes
■ Improving passengers’ experience with security processes
■ Transferring information through innovative methods
■ Strengthening partnerships between State authorities
and AVSEC manufacturers/vendors
■ Promoting AVSEC research and development
■ Empowering people and organizations toward innovation


The Next-generation security checkpoints like integration of technology with intelligence, behavioural analysis, and passenger data. Data sources may be used to enable a risk assessment of various passengers prior to their arrival at the security checkpoint at airports. Biometric data could help verify a passenger’s identity and determine the appropriate level of screening. Enhanced screening technology may allow passengers to keep personal electronics and liquids in their bags, as well as eliminate the requirement to remove coats and shoes.

Previously we have seen a ICAO Conference on Risk to Civil Aviation.

Aviation Professionals who should attend include :

International, Regional and National Civil Aviation Authorities
• International Organizations
• Industry Associations
• Industry Stakeholders (airlines, airports, screening equipment manufacturers, access control and screening solution providers, etc.)
• Any other relevant parties

The World has lot of hopes from ICAO Conference.

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