How to Improve your Aviation Sales

You wish to improve aviation sales ??  : Well everybody of us wants to start a business and increase sales rapidly.The ability to sell something like a product,service or even an idea is the fundamental tact for doing any business.Its a tough time for every business, lot of competition , there is no time for applying hit and trial method .

Aviation is a very big industry,however across the world we have seen losses and shut down all over.There are various aspects in aviation industry in terms of sales.Apply these 17 techniques and you will be able to pitch in aviation sales :

Improve Air Charter Sales

Imrpove Aircraft Sales

Improve Maintenance Sales

Improve Spares and Parts Sales 



Adapt these techniques :


aviation sales

1 : Satisfy your Customers : This is the primary and foremost strategy in order to retain your client.You should always try to keep your client satisfied and happy. Its very simple “If someone likes you,they are most likely to buy from you,irrespective of the deal you are offering.You need to be open,friendly and charming with the client.Aviation industry generally always serves rich and elite people. You need to take care of them very properly.You should always attempt to provide whatever your client is looking for may be the specific type of aircraft as per his need or anything else.You should be able to convenience that whatever you are selling suits his demands and will save his money.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.


2. Give your full attention to the Client :For understanding his requirement properly,you need to listen what the client says with full attention.You need to make yourself available for his needs and requirements.The client should get a impression that you are attentive and he will get best services at best prices.


3.Demonstrate your product : While making a air charter sales, it is very important that you convenience the client in such a way so that the client will get a peace of mind, save his time,make him feel good. This is a very common technique in improving aviation sales.There is an Old saying saying also “Sell the benefit,not the product”. Hence you should always focus on the results which client will get benefit from.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.


4.Be master in Aviation : You need to prove yourself like you are their friendly resource.Client always like buying or taking services from that person who seem knowledgeable and expert. You need to know about your competition and latest updates from the aviation industry. Click here for keep getting regular aviation updates


5.Be Flexible : A client always needs flexibility in terms of everything. You always need to be flexible in order to build a long term relationship with them You need to be flexible in your service timings,you need to be available always,you need to be flexible in payment method and terms,you need to be flexible in paperwork.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.


6. Pricing is the key This is the best tool in order to get the volumes and regular clients. You might selling a awesome product ( Air Charter,or fast aircraft,or aircraft spares ) but if your price is extremely high as compared to your competition than it will be very difficult for you to sustain in the market,unless you are APPLE.

All of us wants to purchase the products or services at best available prices.For knowing the best price for your product, you need to do full market research and understand your competition.If you have the data on your tips, you can use it anywhere whererver you wish to utilize it.

If you are keeping high price for your product or service, you need to be fully prepared for best services as this is what client will be expecting from you. If you have the brand, you can charge a bit higher than your competition.



aviation sales

7. Always run a Customer Reward ProgramYou should always praise or reward your loyal customers, you can offer discounts or give extra benefits for your regular customer. Customer reward program will give you repeated bouncing customers. You can give special discount if they book bulk block hours in a year from you for several types of aircraft. You can give special privileges for your signature members.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.


8.Advertising This is a very important tool for increasing business. It is all about creating a brand value and keeping yourself under the eyes of clients.This brings your deals and products under spotlight. There are various mediums for doing aviation advertising like newspaper,radio,TV,online ads,local search engine like Just Dial or Google. Advertising will definitely give you good returns. You should always give what you are claiming in the advertisement. Big companies keep huge budget for doing the advertising,they know the importance and that’s the reason they keep advertising about the brand.


9. Make your Clients Feel Obligated : Generally , It’s a human tendancy that people do things for others when the other person has done some favor in the past.You can take the advantage of this thing by giving the client the impression that they have received some favor or kindness. Small favor in aviation is the key for obliging the clients. You should be available and  respond them incase if they are in some emergency and need assistance during late night probably Air Ambulance air Air Charter Sales.


10. Don’t Rush for Urgent Sale We all wish to close a deal when our commissions are lined in front of us.However,client doesn’t do that way,they don’t feel to be tricked or deceived.You should put your deal in front of client and give him space or time to decide about the deal or product.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.



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Best Quality

11. Offer the best quality : Steve Jobs said “Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected”.   You should make your vision and mission that you will never ever compromise on quality of your service or product . You may compromise on money, but don’t compromise in your quality.If people losses the trust in your brand, your entire company will collapse .This will help you in increasing aviation sales.


12. Give your dealers and salesperson a reason to sell your product and services :  Your dealer and your salesperson should always get the best benefits . They should have a reason to market or sell your product over competition. For this either your product/services should be of best quality or the dealers should get best benefits over your competition. Its always the reward which increase the sales.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.


13.  Diversify your products : Steve Jobs has rightly said “A lot of companies have chosen to downsize, and maybe that was the right thing for them. We chose a different path. Our belief was that if we kept putting great products in front of customers, they would continue to open their wallets”. 

Once you are good at your basics, This is the key to improve your market share. You have to work on your line of products, everybody wish to solve all their queries under one name. You need to become the service provider where client will feel that he is getting all the services under one umbrella at best prices.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.



14. Hire Salesperson across the network : This trick is a very unique and will definitely help you in getting more sales. You need to have your presence everywhere. This gives a feeling of brand to the clients and will enhance your reputation.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.



15. Reinvest your Profits :  “How many millionaires do you know who have become wealthy by investing in savings accounts? I rest my case – Robert G. Allen . It is always a best bet to reinvest what you get from your initial business . You should not spend your money on unnecessary things. There is a saying ” Rick person buys luxury at the end,whereas a fool buys luxury at the first”. You should invest in your research and development process.


16. Make your Co-Workers Comfortable : You should never every try to act like a big boss. Your employees should feel that they are part of your family. You should not be arrogant and rude with them. It should be in your routine that you pay them on time. After all ,everybody has family and personal commitments.This will help you in increasing aviation sales.



under promise and over deliver


17. Under Promise and Over Deliver : Aviation is a very small community in the world specially in India. Everybody knows everybody. You need to be very careful with your reputation. You should always under promise while making a deal and over deliver the services.

It is very important to know to whom are you making a promise and what is the reason. Once you promise for something, make sure you deliver it anyhow. If you will complete your promises , more or less you will be gaining trust from your client. This strategy is a sure shot which will take you a long way.







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