Jet Man Formation Flight( Dubai )

Jet Man Aerobatics Fomation Flight in Dubai :

Jetman is the culmination of decades of fulfilling a childhood dream through technological innovation, determination, teamwork and courage.

The synergy between Dubai and Jetman is easy to see. Dreaming the impossible, striving for excellence and shaping perceptions make this an incredibly powerful partnership. Recently Jet Man Dubai done this formation flight in association with Fly Dubai. The Jet Man Dubai dive was done from a helicopter.Not just one jetman but two! A pretty amazing watch :


Some Facts :

Weight of the Jet Machine : 55Kg

Max Speed : 200Kmph

Jet Man Dubai is going to officially launch in 2015. Jet Man Dubai will be the first for launching Jet Man for common people. It will be a amazing experience. Its unique and one of the kind. Dubai is famous for doing and creating unique things in the world. Jet Man Dubai will be a big success. This will enhance the Jet Man concept for thrilling people. Sky Dive Dubai is world famous for doing the skydiving . Its one of a kind and extremely thrilling.This is the future gadget..!!!



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