How to Hack an Aircraft ?Easier than you think

Aircraft Hacking , well hacking an aircraft is easier than you might think. Last year, in USA a Department of Homeland Security (DHS) official admitted that he and his team of experts remotely hacked into a Boeing 757. However, these days computers does everything like managing the flight path, entertainment systems, engine control etc. There is nothing

Runway works in progress, suddenly an aircraft approaches to land

These 5 Important Airports Sold to Adani Group

Offer something which no one can reject : This seems to be the principle of leading Business House of India “Adani Group” . Adani Group is coming in large foray into the airport sector, Gautam Adani-led Adani Enterprises has won five out of six airports. Sources aware of the development said that Adanis were the

What is Inside PM Modi’s latest 2019 aircraft ?

PM Modi’s Aircraft :Everyone is very curious to know what is inside PM Modi’s aircraft ? How does it look , what all features it has. Here is a inside look of PM Modi’s aircraft which is officially being known as Air India One. Following is the seating layout inside PM Modi’s aircraft. This is

Future of Indigo Airlines

Bigger the Operations, bigger the problems. 6E Airlines is currently getting under burden of its own huge weight. IndiGo, recently cancelled several flights and said its schedules would be disrupted till March. It seems Indigo have expanded at a fast pace but failed to hire pilots at a similar rate, leading to a crew shortage

Book Cheap Air Tickets-Hack 2019

Want Cheap Air Ticket ? With the summer holiday season fast approaching, everyone has started hunting for cheap tickets to travel to different destinations, be it to families or on a holiday getaway. Specially due maintenance at Mumbai or Delhi airport, many flight tickets prices have gone up drastically. We at have compiled a

Aircraft Hijacked at Dhaka

Aircraft Hijacked : A Biman which is a Bangladesh Airlines plane has made an emergency landing at the Shah Amanat International Airport in Chittagong after a gunman hijacked it. This flight was bound for Dubai. According to witnesses and airport officials, Flight BG-147, which was on its way to Dubai from Dhaka via Chittagong, landed

Sizzling secrets of Air hostess

Source: Daily Express The perfect smiles on the sassy Air Hostess definitely build up the curiosity about what it’s like to live with your head literally in the clouds. From dealing with projectile vomit and celebrity tantrums to sipping Twisted Martini and shopping in Italy, this is riotous good fun. Here are few crispy tales

Aviation American Gin- So Smooth that it can fly solo

Aviation American Gin, is also known as Aviation Gin. Aviation American Gin was first manufactured in Portland, Oregon. It was founded by Christian Krogstad and Ryan Magarian in 2006.It is a brand of distilled spirit  It is classified as an “American dry gin,” meaning the flavor profile is less juniper-forward. It is produced by House Spirits Distillery. Award for American Aviation

He is the new CMD of Air India

CMD of Air India : Shri Rajiv Ranjan, is the new CMD of Air India. He is highly qualified . His Educational background includes graduation in Physics (Hons.), Post Graduation in Management from Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad (1982-84) and M.Sc., in Policy and Planning from London School of Economics, London (1998-99). Joined the Indian Administrative