Low Cost Carrier and No Frills Airport

With the onset of Low Cost Carrier and No frills airport, aviation will see a rapid growth in the country. Presently LCC have totally captured the 85% of market share. Low cost carrier totally works on a different model as compared to full service provider.  In other countries LCC have a different model on -routes choosing,check in counters,ground handling providers,baggage rules, workforce engagement etc, however In India have to follow so many restrictions and following all rules which a full service provider is following. This is the reason why all the airlines are struggling in India.

There should be low cost airport as well for the airlines. All over the world there are main building and low cost carrier building which has very less taxes as investment is also low in construction of the terminal building. The facilities and space are slights less as compared to the main terminal building.

Even the airlines also love the operate from these small airports as they save a lot of time because of less congestion on ground and in air.

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