MEBA-Middle East Business Aviation

MEBA-Middle East Business Aviation :

MEBA Airshow

MEBA Airshow

MEBA is a event where hundreds of aviation exhibitors exhibit their services and products to Millions of visitors . MEBA is happening from 8th-10th December 2014. This is the sixth MEBA event. MEBA 2012 had more than 7,000 attendees, 345 exhibitors and 34 aircraft on display.

MEBAA was founded to be the principle forum for gathering, understanding and communicating the needs and benefits of business aviation within the Middle East to businesses, governments and media worldwide.

With around 425 exhibitors, MEBA is expecting a record no of visitors from across the globe.

MEBA 2014 is occupying 75,000 square meters (807,319 sq ft) in the exhibit hall, 26 chalets around 50 aircraft on static display.

Aviation Big Players like Airbus,Gulfstream and other service provider will be showcasing their aircrafts like  ACJ319,Gulfstream 550,GulfStream 650 and many others. There will be hundreds of companies which provide services related to  aviation like Flight Planning,Air Ambulance Service,Trip Support etc.

MEBA 2014 is taking place at the purpose built Dubai Airshow Site at Dubai World Central (DWC), located in Jebel Ali, Dubai. MEBA is easily accessible from Sheikh Zayed, Mohammed Bin Zayed Road and Emirates Road.

The cost of having a Chalet or space is as follows :


1A Space only
(Minimum space 20sqm)
US$420 per sqm
1B Upper deck
(Double storey – space only)
US$225 per sqm


(Minimum space 12sqm)
Includes: walls, fascia, carpet, 1 x 13 amp socket,
3 x spotlights per 12sqm, 1 show guide entry
US$510 per sqm


Double storey chalet unit US$39,000 per unit


4A Exhibits – outdoor space rates will also apply to all equipment displays on the static park US$260 per sqm
4B Pavilions & buildings US$375 per sqm
4C Pavilions & buildings – upper deck US$225 per sqm


5A All exhibiting companies displaying aircraft will be
charged a non-refundable administration fee
US$1,250 per aircraft
5B Companies occupying less than 25sqm or without
exhibition space – the following rates also apply:
Up to 0.5 Ton MTOW US$4,000
0.5-3 Tonnes MTOW US$5,000
3-10 Tonnes MTOW US$6,000
10-25 Tonnes MTOW US$7,000
25-40 Tonnes MTOW US$8,000
40-60 Tonnes MTOW US$9,000
60+ Tonnes MTOW US$10,000


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