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NSOP stands for Non Scheduled Operator Permit . The Indian Aviation regulator DGCA-Director General of Civil Aviation has issued a public notice to all NSOP holders.

As per DGCA finding most of the existing NSOP holders do very limited charters mostly for company employees. A committee was formed for reviewing  the requirements for issuance of NSOP license. The committee has suggested that Operators will less than 3 aircraft would not be permitted commercial operations by DGCA.

Any operator which has less than 3 aircraft will be given one year for getting more aircraft or transferring it to private category.  A operator either should have three aircraft/helicopter on their NSOP either as outright or on lease.

The recommendation has been accepted by DGCA and soon there will be amendment in the CAR (Civil Aviation Regulation). There are 120 registered NSOP holders in India.


It has both positive and negative impacts :

Positive Aspects :

  • It will generate more revenue for government by taking taxes on private category.
  • All the present operators who have less than three aircraft will now collaborate with other NSOP holders for getting under single umbrella. This will reduce their cost of operations as it will help in maximum utilization of available resources.
  • It will encourage all operator for getting more aircraft in India. It will increase the jobs in country for pilots,ground operations,cabin crew and technical people.


Negative Aspects :

  • Lot of confusion within the operator will be created as when two operators will club , they will be having different types of aircraft and different agencies like maintenance and 3rd agency will clash and will create a havoc.
  • There will be financial and other chaos between two clubbing operators somewhere or the other.
  • This will reduce the privacy of the aircraft owner. Their schedule will be known to more people .
  • It will increase the unemployment among ground staff as this move will reduce the staff.


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All concerned are hereby requested to submit their comments on proposed amendment to Shri Ved Prakash ,Director (Air Transport ) latest by 12 Nov 2014.

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Request to please suggest your views.


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