Next Generation Boarding Passes coming soon

The next generation boarding pass will a revolution in the aviation. With the flick of your wrist and quick scan of smart watch will let you board the flight in minutes.This technology is being developed by SITA labs for android watches & its API is also available now.

The passenger will get alert by Android watch which will remind the passenger about its flight at precise time and location. First swipe will get the boarding pass & another swipe will get the barcode which will allow the passenger for a very quick check in and boarding.This will be the future of next boarding.

SITA is currently providing a selection of APIs for various airlines and  airports across the world on its platform. It even includes for beacons, baggage tracking and iTravel. Because the boarding passes will be delivered via API a simple mark up in the barcode, which will take less than two minutes & will enable Google Now operation and allows smartwatches to be a very useful traveling tool.

This technology is reliable and is fully compliant will international rules and regulations which will enable it to be used across the world at all airports.

More than 40 companies have launched the smartwatches in 2013. The market of smart watches havn’t really picked up so far, however their is a strong belief that it will be one of the biggest market .

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