One more Crash of 40 years old Cheetah

Indian Aviation News : The fleet of Indian Army and Air Force is very old. One more crash has occurred today at Bareilly.

Today morning, when a 40 year old Cheetah Helicopter took off from Army Aviation Base ,Bareilly ( Uttar Pradesh ) , just minutes after take off the helicopter crashed around 7:45 am . Two pilots and one engineer were on board. All three of them were killed in the crash.

The helicopter was doing the test flight and just after take off it caught fire .

Most of the helicopter of army are very old. Army has been trying to replace the entire field.

In the month of July this year , another helicopter crashed in Lucknow. In that accident 7 people were killed. 

DGCA flight safety officer should be reaching by evening at the incident spot for investigation. Indian Army should take immediate steps for stopping this killing of pilots. India has a huge defence budget, however the country has not seen any great change in field of aircrafts from last 20 years. Most of the aircraft are very old and not in a good condition. We have lost hundreds of pilots in last 5 years. Most of the crashes have occurred in old aircraft or helicopter. Even the Jaguar and Mirage aircraft are also very old in the fleet of air force.


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