Pay hikes of 10% for Spicejet Pilots and Crew

Indian Aviation news : Spicejet gets very aggressive about ticket prices and competing with fellow airlines like Indigo and Air Asia, This time Spicejet has given a 10% hike to all pilots and cabin crews across the network. Maran is the promoter of the airline with 53.48% shares and wish to sale majority of his stakes.

Spicejet is a low fare carrier and has been in losses from a long time, it urgently needs cash flows for paying to vendors. This move of hiking the salary after three years is a good move and it might give a hope to investors .

Spicejet was in news recently after its employees didn’t get Form 16 from the employeer, which gives a signal that their taxes were not deposited to Govt of India.However the Chief operating Officer said it happened due technical fault.

Spicejet has been very aggressive with ticket pricing in India due which even the other fellow airlines also follows the same suit. Passengers are getting benefit due all the chain of flash sales by different carriers.

In the month of June, Spicejet logged the highest load factor among all the airlines of 81.4 % beating Indigo. It market share grew to 19% in that month. Airline posted the highest loss of Rs 1,003 crore in FY14. Spicejet has also sent back six Boeing 737 aircraft back to lessors .

It has registered 1.2 complaints per 10,000 flyers in the month of June,2014. Spicejet logged second higest load factor in June,14just behind Go Air. It has cancellation of around .69% in the Indian Aviation. Click to get the performance list of all Indian Carrier in the month of June 2014

Spicejet has currently 38 Boeing 737 and 15 Bombardier Q-400 Aircraft in the fleet. It is the second largest low fare airline in the country. It operates 331 daily flights to 47 destinations .

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