Premature labour on Malaysia Airlines Plane

Malaysia Airline :



After disappearing of MH 370, a MH 17 was shot over Ukraine. Now a baby of an Australian woman who went into labour aboard a Malaysia Airlines flight MH-135  did not survive, doctors say.

Flight MH135 from Kuala Lumpur to Brisbane requested a priority landing in Denpasar on Friday about 2.10pm local time.The Captn of the aircraft did an emergency landing in Bali. The Australian woman was rushed to Kasih Ibu Hospital at Bali.

Head of medical services Diah Ratna Dewi says when the patient arrived, the baby of around 24-weeks had already been delivered and was deceased.

“We estimate the baby was born 1-1.5 hours before we received her,” she said.

“According to the patient, there had been no problems with her pregnancy.” The woman was treated and picked up by her airline around 9pm, the doctor said.

Malaysian Airlines is considering a image makeover by changing the name of the airlines. You will soon come across with a new brand name of Malaysian Airlines.


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