How to prepare for Indigo Written,CASS,GD

India’s low cost airlines, Indigo is continuously expanding. They have ordered more than two hundred Airbus Aircraft(  A-320).

Everyone of us wish to fly in a disciplined airline. The recruitment of Pilots for Indigo Airlines is done by CAE.The pattern of Indigo’s  exam consists of three Stages -Written, CASS and GD.


Stage 1:- Written exam (Aviation Domain Knowledge Test). Its duration is of two hours.     

Indigo Written Exam has 100 Questions which consists of following Subjects:

*Human Performance, Gen. Navigation, Flight Instrumentation, Radio Aids, Air Regulation, Air Meteorology, Operational Procedures, Communications, Systems, Principles of flight, Powerplant, Performance.

*Study Material which could be life saver for written exam are as follows:

1- JAR Question bank.

2- Online Questionnaire:-,

3- Conceptual and deep study of Human Performance, Theory of Flight, General Performance, Systems and General Navigation.


If you wish to take classes at Delhi for the preparation, GOLDEN EPAULETTES AVIATION, CONDUCTS INDIGO WRITTEN PREPARATORY CLASSES  FOR DURATION OF 3 MONTHS. They invite many senior and experienced persons for taking lectures.


Stage 2:-CASS  (CAE Crew Assessment and Selection System.)

This is the part about which many people are very curious. Well,the CASS is general assessment of candidate’s personality where candidates go through series of Tests  such as psycho-motor,  tests involving basic  flying skills , Test based on the pilot’s abilities to multi task and process information in a stressful environment.


CASS Consists of following stages:

a) Online Questionnaire

b) Structured Interview

c) Physical Task


CLICK -For Detail information about CASS.


Stage 3:- Group Discussion (GD) followed by an interview

The interview panel generally is of four to five persons. It mainly consists of Vice President( Flight Operations) , Examiner on the A320 fleet, Chief Pilot, and the Vice-President of Human Resources of IndiGo Airlines.

Detailed discussion of various important HR questions and best possible answers according to

individual’s credentials. They ask various technical questions and check your GD skills and other capabilities.


For  more details , you can leave us a message or contact 9717550947. We suggest you should take classes from professional instructor so that you should crack the exam in one go.If you fail in Indigo’s exam once, it is very difficult to again get a call for exam.


Instructor at Delhi—-Golden Epaulettes.

CLICK– for recent openings

Best of luck for your exam. 🙂


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