Radio Telephony :As the name suggests, it is defined as the radio telephonic conversation between pilots and ATC. For doing the telephonic conversation you need to get a Radio License from WPC (Wireless Planning & Coordination Wing) .

WPC organises six times  exam in a year for this license

The schedule for RT 2010 is as follows along with last date

Centre                            Last Date for Online              Last Date for Hard
Submission                                Copy

1.Mumbai                        22/01/2010                       29/01/2010

2.Delhi                             19/03/2010                        26/03/2010

3.Chennai                       14/05/2010                        21/05/2010

4.Kolkata                        16/07/2010                       23/07/2010

5.Delhi                              18/09/2010                      25/09/2010

6.Hyderabad                 13/11/2010                       20/11/2010
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The Sample Papers for the RT exam are as follows :

Sample Paper 1

Sample Paper 2

Sample Paper 3

Sample Paper 4

Sample Paper 5

Sample Paper 6

Sample Paper 7

Sample Paper 8

Sample Paper 9

Sample Paper 10

IF you face any type of problem in solving the problem than write the question no along with paper no.