Rules for Skydiving in India-Draft

Skydiving is considered as one of the most thrilling sports in the World. Skydiving is very common in Air Force and is getting popular with Civil Aviation also.Skydiving is very risky and nobody shall jump if that operation creates a hazard to air traffic or to persons or property on the surface.

DGCA has laid down the draft rules for skydiving in India. The major outline rules are as follows :

  • Person should not be intoxicated or under the influence of drugs.
  • Aircraft should be equipped with two way radio.
  • Visibility of 5Km or more.
  • The Parachute must have been packed within 180 days from the date of its use by an approved parachute rigger.
  • For Doing Tandeem Jump, The Parachutist in  Command shall have the minimum experience of 3 years and 500 Jumps with Master License.
  • There will be exams for Master Parachute Rigger. Exam will be consisted of Written and Oral Exam.
  • There will be four type ratings ((1) Seat (2) Back (3) Chest (4) Lap
  • Every Parachutist shall keep a record for 2 years.
  • Every Institute will prepare a Operations Manual for skydiving.
  • Aero Club of India (ACI)/ approved organization will also be responsible for reporting any incident/accident as per requirements laid
    down in CAR Section-5, series F- Part I.
  • Application for seeing permission to carry out Skydiving and Rigger approval shall be submitted to Adventure, Sports & Recreational Division (Attn.:Directorate of Flying Training) DGCA Headquarters, New Delhi.
  • There are lot of formalities which needs to be done for acquiring approval for skyding or parachuting exercise.
  • The organization is also required to get Security Clearance from Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Radius of the drop zone should be within 30 NM of nearest VOR.
Skydiving In India

Skydiving In India


There are lot of places where skyding can be done in India.Skydiving can be done by any unpressurised aircraft, the best aircraft which is being used worldwide for skydiving is Cessna Caravan or Twin Otter.


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