Aircraft Identification: IC 181                                        Type of Aircraft: Airbus

Departure Aerodrome: VIDP                Time 23:30       Level: 330

Aerodrome destination: VABB                                     Route O/f VIUD

Other Information Regn VT REM                                             Alternate VAAH



  1. Take RTF action for situations given below in ascending order.
  2. Use hypothetical data, for message that require to be transmitted at specific time, candidate should write that specific time against question No on answer sheet.
  3. Continue answering till you are told to “Go to next question”.
  4. Usage of Aviation Language and prescribed Phraseologies is mandatory.

Exchange messages as per situations given in question below

Q 1.     a)         Carry out cockpit check .

b )        Obtain departure on taxi holding point received instruction from appropriate services that there will be a delay of 30 minutes. Ask for alternative Taxi way.

Departure Time 1400

Q 2.     At 30 NM DME outbound DPN FL 80, take action.

Q 3.     a)         70 NM DME distance from Ahmadabad observed fire alarm activated. Take action.

b)                  Fire alarm found false and decided to continue the flight to destination. Take action.

Q 4.     You reach BOFIN at assigned FL, take action.

Q 5.     Transmit the following phrases as per Radiotelephony procedure.

  1. A change has been made to your last clearance and supersedes your previous clearance.
  2. Reduce your rate of speech
  3. No
  4. I can not comply with your request
  5. Yes