Aircraft Identification: 9W 465                                      Type of Aircraft: Airbus

Departure Aerodrome: VOMM            Time 23:30       Level: 330

Aerodrome destination: VIDP                                       Route O/f VOHY

Other Information Selcal combination : RMLD              Alternate VOHY, VANP



  1. Take RTF action for situations given below in ascending order.
  2. Use hypothetical data, for message that require to be transmitted at specific time, candidate should write that specific time against question No on answer sheet.
  3. Continue answering till you are told to “Go to next question”.
  4. Usage of Aviation Language and prescribed Phraseologies is mandatory.

Exchange messages as per situations given in question below

Q 1.     a)  As you approach Runway holding position you get ready for an immediate take off in order to avoid delay. Take action.

b) On getting airborne you see birds ahead, take appropriate action.

Departure Time 0940

Q 2.     You are maintaining your cruising level, and reach BODEL. Take action.

Q 3.     a)         At  30 DME distance inbound Bhopal you are informed that a passenger has fallen sick and needs immediate medical attention. Take action.

b)         After sometime the passenger gets well and is normal, you decide to continue the flight to Delhi as per flight plan. Take action.

Q 4.     While on final approach Runway 28, you reach decision height and do not see the runway. Take action.

Q 5.     Transmit the following phrases as per Radiotelephony procedure.

  1. Wind direction & speed 250 degrees 15 knots, 070 degresse 10 knots gusting to 20 knots.
  2. Headings. 330 degrees, 080 degrees
  3. Flight level 200 ,  310
  4. Visiblity 1000, 2000
  5. Runway Visual Range 500 , 1200