Aircraft Identification: AI 786                                        Type of Aircraft: Airbus

Departure Aerodrome: VIDP                Time 23:30       Level: 330

Aerodrome destination: VOMM                                               Route O/f VOHY

Other Information Selcal combination : RMLD              Alternate VOHY, VANP



  1. Take RTF action for situations given below in ascending order.
  2. Use hypothetical data, for message that require to be transmitted at specific time, candidate should write that specific time against question No on answer sheet.
  3. Continue answering till you are told to “Go to next question”.
  4. Usage of Aviation Language and prescribed Phraseologies is mandatory.

Q 1.     Carry out pre flight Selcal Check.

Departure Time 1420

Q 2.     Over BUKLO you experience HF receiver failure.

Q 3.     25 NM short of Bhopal there is a storm in front of you. You plan to change course by 45 degrees to the left. Take appropriate action.

Q 4      Crossing BUSBO, Nav and Panel Lights are fluctuating. You would like to orbit at FL 320 for 5 minutes for resolving the problem. Take action.

Q 5      Electrical problem has been resolved you would like to proceed as per flight plan.

Q 6.     50 NM DME Chennai, ask for obtain descend.

Q 7.     Transmit the following phrases as per Radiotelephony procedure.

  1. Winds direction and speed 200 degrees 18 knots gusting to 25 knots
  2. Winds direction and speed 350 degrees 14 knots
  3. Runway visual Range 2000, 550
  4. Frequency  121.000, 124.500
  5. Altitude 2000, 5000
  6. Frequency 8800, 5550