Aircraft Identification: 9W 465                                      Type of Aircraft: Airbus

Departure Aerodrome: VIDP                Time 23:30       Level: 330

Aerodrome destination: VABB                                     Route O/f VIJP

Other Information Selcal combination : RMLD              Alternate VAAH



  1. Take RTF action for situations given below in ascending order.
  2. Use hypothetical data, for message that require to be transmitted at specific time, candidate should write that specific time against question No on answer sheet.
  3. Continue answering till you are told to “Go to next question”.
  4. Usage of Aviation Language and prescribed Phraseologies is mandatory.

Q 1.     Carry out pre flight Selcal Check.

Q 2.     Ask for taxi instruction.

Departure Time 1400

Q 3.     Over Jaipur ask for change of flight level from FL 150 to FL 190 due to clouding.

Q 4.     You reach IDOLA at assigned FL, take action.

Q 5.     a. 50 NM abeam VAAH you are experiencing loss of cabin pressure, you intend to descent. Ask for lower level.

b. Cabin pressure is restored. Take actions.

Q 6.     Transmit the following phrases as per Radiotelephony procedure.

  1. Let me know that you have received and understood this message.
  1. Examine a system or procedure.
  1. An error has been made in this transmission (or message indicated).
  1. I have received all your last transmission.

Listen out ATIS on 122.7.