Sizzling secrets of Air hostess

air hostess

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The perfect smiles on the sassy Air Hostess definitely build up the curiosity about what it’s like to live with your head literally in the clouds. From dealing with projectile vomit and celebrity tantrums to sipping Twisted Martini and shopping in Italy, this is riotous good fun.

Here are few crispy tales of life in the air that might surprise you.

1)There’s a lot of sex and dating that goes on between flight attendants and pilots.

air hostess

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The long and difficult hours spent working in close proximity to these people makes it easier to relate to one another. The Cab drivers have claimed that once the Air Plane lands and the crew gets into the Car, they are like horny Teenagers and school kids in the bus. They will be talking about the new hot Second Officer or flirting with the First Officer and Captain. New Air Hostess Girls are especially keener as they are still giddy from the Glamour of Flying. A lot of the raunchy fun happens in the small cockpit!

2) Air Hostess hook with Passengers

air hostess

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Especially those in Business and First Class. These Flyers are rich and are going solo for a Business trip. They would like to have some company and who is better than a pretty flight attendant? Air Hostess takes full advantage of these solo Business guys and has lot of fun with them, especially if they are pleasing to the eyes.

3) Air Hostess have different partners in various Cities

air hostess

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The concept is just like Tinder, but more effective and stable. Since flight attendants will inevitably fly back to the same cities multiple times, they will have a partner in these cities with whom they can hang out and chill with. These partners will also show them around the city and introduce them to new and exciting places.

4) What happens on layovers stays on layovers

air hostess

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This is the most incestuous business around – the very premise of those short stays on distant shores sets us all up in literally ideal no-strings circumstances.

5) Mile High Jinks

air hostess

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Yes most of them have joined mile high club and it isn’t fading!

While mile-high action certainly takes place in the skies, a lot of the raunchy fun happens when the crew land in a foreign country and head back to hotels.

6) No drinking the night before a flight

air hostess

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There are no exceptions to this rule. All cabin crew can be subjected to alcohol and drugs testing before a flight as it are illegal to be intoxicated on an aircraft, meaning stewards must be booze-free for at least 12 hours before take-off.

7) If you’re really rude, they have ways of dealing with you…

air hostess

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We’ve seen crew members taking a sip from a teacup or taking a bite from a passenger’s meal, before serving them to the passenger. They admit that if she “hates” passengers, they even serve up food dropped on the floor. Please be nice, flight attendants have the power to seat you next to a baby.


8) Passenger code names

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If you are causing a problem then you might get a nickname by the attendants, so that they can talk about you with each other. They have special terms in which they conversate. One of the term is B.O.B i.e. Boyfriend on board. He is definitely taken care of the staff.

How is the B.O.B doing Miss? 😉

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9) As you’re boarding the aircraft air hostess are judging you!

air hostess

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They need to be able to establish what kind of flight they are going to have. They do talk and gossip about passengers and have their secret language. They obviously do check the passengers and indeed rate them and have a clue about who’s the hottest in the wing.

10) If you talk your way, you can get upgraded by air hostess/captain

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Yes that’s right! They have the power to upgrade you but you should know what to talk and how to please them. *wink*

11) They can open toilet doors from the outside if there is an emergency or they find about some “mile high” business going on

Source: Mental floss

Given what we now know about the state of airplane bathrooms, we think the fabled “Mile-High Club” might not be as sexy as it’s cracked out to seem. While it’s not completely unheard of, it’s certainly not easy task to pull off with attentive flight attendants always on the watch.

It is not certainly illegal but if you go fail to obey flight attendants, they do have their way in.

12) Inappropriate behavior of unruly Passengers

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They face a lot of ill behavior too. Someone told, once a passenger slides his hand up her skirt when she was attending to the overhead compartment.

13) Size matters

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They’re not allowed to gain weight. Once they’re issued with a uniform, that’s it-they can’t change it for a size bigger if they find they’ve put on a few pounds.

The airline would give them one month to lose the weight-otherwise they would be put on a weight management programmme.

14) Other surprising physical and cosmetic requirements


Most airlines require flight attendants to be between 5’2 and 6’2 in height (without shoes), while some even require a specific “arm reach” height.

15) Flexi cuffs/handcuffs are available with air hostess

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They do have it in plane and once the pilot gives them the authority to do so, they can tie you up, the thing they can’t do is tie you up in case of an emergency.

Don’t be a mess!

16) They can see everything. Literally everything!

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They notice when two people go to the bathroom together.”

Flight attendants nearly always know when two people go into the bathroom together. Mile high encounters aren’t confined to the toilets.

Even when the lights are off, they do have eyes on all the passengers. They always have clue about what’s happening under the blankets.


They are watching 😉

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Also for some fun confessions by flight attendants, do watch the video linked below!

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