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EBOLA is continuously spreading all over the world. Everyday people are dying because of EBOLA. There is a big panic on International level as  till date there is no cure available.

On Friday, Delta had a flight quarantined in Las Vegas. It was United Airlines turn on Sunday in LA. This list will increase everyday.

I’m not a doctor, but I can read and understand. And I know that the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization both have websites.

“You have to know Ebola to fight Ebola. Mobilize your people.”- Dr Peter Clement, WHO coordinator for Lofa Countries

One of the major problems with Ebola is that the symptoms are just similar to common flu.

Ebola is a dangerous disease, and this outbreak seems to kill about half those who get infected . But as nasty as the disease is, it’s not easy to transmit the EBOLA. Unlike the flu, Ebola requires direct contact for transmission. Just sitting on an airplane along with a infected passenger will not infect you. Don’ t do anything stupid, here are some handy tips for avoiding EBOLA :

  • Do not have sex with anyone on an airplane (especially if your partner is  feeling feverish ). Don’t make out with strangers also as Ebola can be transmitted through saliva.
  • Avoid Sweat :When you notice someone sweating, and this is important, do NOT drink the sweat. Also, don’t rub the sweat into any open cuts on your body. Just touching it to your finger won’t transmit it (unless you’re an idiot and then put your finger in your mouth), but it can get you through open cuts.
  • Ask the person If someone appears to be exhibiting flu-like symptoms, ask them this question. “Say, do you happen to have been to Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone in the last 21 days?” If they deny, then follow up with this. “Are you a healthcare worker who helps treat Ebola patients?” If not, then you are almost safe.
  • Avoid discharge of sneeze anyhow : If your fellow passenger sneezes, it’s probably best if you don’t try to catch the discharge with your mouth or anything you plan on putting in your mouth. If you do get sneezed on, I’m going to suggest doing something crazy. Wash your hands. (But first, feel free to yell at the person for not covering his nose and mouth.)
  • Be Bold : If someone doesn’t look sick but is running up and down the aisles saying they have Ebola, you should just punch them in the face. (Or, you know, maybe just wait for someone else to arrest them.) If they do not have symptoms, they can’t transmit the disease.

The important thing to ponder is that EBOLA doesn’t transmit by air, water, or casual contact. 

Many have compared this to HIV as a possible global pandemic, but there is one incredibly important difference between HIV and Ebola. HIV can take years to incubate. People may not have any symptoms but they can spread it for a really long time. Ebola, on the other hand, EBOLA develops quickly and will show symptoms really fast. Someone who gets it will show symptoms within 21 days from the time of infection. And only when those symptoms show themselves does the person become infectious.

EBOLA is spreading fast from Liberia and other African countries. Avoid flying to Africa for a time being.


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