Efficient Aircrafts : Top 5 Most Efficient Aircrafts

  1. Airbus A320 Neo

The A320 aircraft family, which includes the A318, A319, A320 and A321, will become more fuel-efficient with the use of new engines. In this rating of the efficiency of different aircrafts, the A320neo comes in the first place. It will be the first of the re-engined series, scheduled to enter service in October 2015. Eventually, the enhancement will be given to the A319 and A321 jets as well. Customers of this product include Virgin America, AirAsia and IndiGo.


  1. Airbus A3250 XWB

This long-haul aircraft family, which is still under development, consists of the A350-800, A350-900 and A350-1000. The latter model of the family will be the longest, measuring 73.88m with the capacity to seat up to 375 passengers. The first of these jets is expected to be rolled out by early 2014 and customers include Emirates and Cathay Pacific (see story here).


  1. Airbus A380

Though this double-decker aircraft has already been in service since 2007, it is still the most fuel-efficient in the skies at present, given its size and range and in comparison to the B747 – the previous biggest aircraft. Today, a combined total of 57 A380s are in operation by six carriers – Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Emirates, Lufthansa, Air France, Korean Air and China Southern.


  1. Boeing B787-800 Dreamliner

The Boeing B787-800 comes in the fourth place. The first Dreamliner was delivered to launch in September, three years later than scheduled. Being the first newly designed Boeing aircraft since the B777 almost 16 years ago, the aircraft boasts many innovations such as electrochromism-based “auto-dimming” windows and gaseous filtration system for better in-flight air. It can be used for both short and long distances, with a maximum range of 15,200km. Other customers include American Airlines, Qatar Airways and British Airways, all of which will receive their jets over the next few years. View our exclusive Tried and Tested of the maiden Dreamliner flight here and stay tuned for an in-depth look at the jet in our December issue.


  1. Boeing B737 MAX

This version of the single-aisle B737 series is an upgrade from the current B737 aircraft in service. The re-engined aircraft, which competes with the A320neo, currently has nearly 500 orders for customers such as American Airlines and Lion Air (see story here), with deliveries scheduled for 2017.




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