Upcoming Rules For Aircraft Type Rating

Upcoming Rules For Aircraft Type Rating :

Directorate General of Civil Aviation has recently drafted a new CAR for aircraft type rating. Every month more than 50-60 pilots are going for self sponsored type ratings. Following are the major highlights of the upcoming rules for aircraft type rating :

  • The medical of the trainee pilot need not be current and valid during the training and checks on simulators, however the medical must be current for skill test and all training / checks on aeroplane.
  • Where training is done overseas, Ground and simulator training shall be completed in the same TRTO / ATO / FTO. If the trainee wishes to undertake ground training at a different TRTO / ATO / FTO, prior permission shall be obtained from the FSD. In such case the trainee shall pass the DGCA technical examinations .
  • NOC will not be required.
  • The trainee pilot shall pass either the DGCA technical / specific examination OR the TRTO/ ATO / FTO examination authorised by the regulatory authority of the relevant contracting state. The trainee pilot should have passed all requisite written examinations including Technical Examination on type before commencement of the flying training and that must be valid during entire training and checks.


Other rules remains same. Read full rule Here


Recommended TRTO for A-320 type ratings as follows :

  • CAE
  • Baltic Aviation,Lithuania
  • GTA (Madrid)


Recommended TRTO for B-737 type ratings as follows :

  • GTA Madrid
  • CAE


It is recommended to avoid TRTO where theory and sim are at different locations.


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